Yoongi Marry Me: Never Gets Old

ARMYs have this habit of asking every time in one way or the other to every BTS member to marry them, though it is not exactly in a serious way, and all the members react to it differently, but in a good faith. The one thing that has been constant is that in every live, whether any member is there, there will be at least one proposal for Yoongi (Yunki) AKA Suga. Suga is the idol who is just like coconut, if you don’t know him, then you may think he is cold and has an attitude, but in contrast to that, he is like a soft-hearted person with so many emotions and can inspire so many people. You are the person, who should interpret it correctly and take the inspiration needed out of his speech.

Once in a live when Suga saw the comment “Yoongi marry me” he responded, that it will be a lot of paperwork and that if they bring the papers he will marry, like in the fun way he responded. One of the ARMYs during the fan sign event really did bring the papers to Min Yoongi and he just drew hearts on the paper where he was supposed to sign. Also very long back, in 2014, he had said to the ARMYs to keep their ring finger vacant and ARMYs are still waiting for Yoongi to put a ring in it. Well obviously, it is all in a fun and playful way, and ARMYs know that.

How can someone not fall for Yoongi? He is a kind-hearted person and always secretly takes care of and respects all. An extremely hard worker, whose parents opposed his music career and yet proved to everyone that he is born for the music industry and music, is always in him. He is also called a musical genius and the one of fastest rappers who can rap approximately 117 syllables per minute. Obviously, the plus point is being extremely good-looking, with his famous gummy smile and having that tiny run which is really adorable to look at. ARMYs have noticed how much patience this idol has always shown especially to the band’s Maknae Jungkook. When he was asked about the reason he never scolds or gets angry at Jungkook, he answered saying that Jungkook is practically a child, and it is not appropriate to scold a child.

Recently, ARMYs being continuously saying ‘Yoongi marry me’ has caught a lot of attention, more than ever, that the band members being in Las Vegas for their 4-day concert suggested the idol to get married via drive-thru marriages in a playful way on their life when all the members came live together.

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