Why didn’t BTS win grammy? You should know everything about it.


This question ‘Did BTS win a Grammy’ is revolving around many music lovers since BTS have released their song ‘Dynamite’ which has gained a lot of popularity and is a big hit in the music industry.

BTS biggest hit till now is their song Dynamite which has helped them a lot to rule in the industry and they have also topped the music charts because of this song Moreover, they were even nominated for Grammy award  as well

The below article is to find out that did they win a Grammy?


At Grammy, BTS gave a fantastic performance which was appreciated and the most anticipated performance and they sang and danced on their most popular and loved song Dynamite which help them get nominated for the best group performance and this was the first time that they had ever got nominated for Grammy.

Many other singers and artists were also nominated like Taylor Swift and Bon Iver for their amazing song Exile.


Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga got nominated for their song Rain On Me, Justin Bieber and Quavo were nominated for their song Intentions. This time the luck didn’t play with BTS and they didn’t win the award. Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga got the Grammy award in the category of their Hit single, Rain on me.

The boys didn’t get sad they were happy to see their friends win the award but the ARMY got really pissed and annoyed at the Grammy award makers because the ARMY made an interpretation that the Grammy makers have used BTS as a source to get more views since they have a huge fan base and that BTS had the best performance. The fans were really shocked to know that BTS have lost and they were even sadder than the boys.


Did BTS get nominated for Grammy 2021?

Yes BTS was nominated for Grammy 2021 where they gave an amazing performance on their song Dynamite.

Did BTS win a Grammy?

Unfortunately, no BTS didn’t win a Grammy.

Who won Grammy if not BTS?

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga won the Grammy award for Rain on me.

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