Why did BTS leave Tik-Tok? Was their account hacked?

Being the most popular group in the world right now, what would be the reason BTS leave Tik-Tok.

The group has gained so much popularity all over the world with their beautiful songs with meanings to help any person who’s suffering from anxiety, stress, loneliness bullying.

After joining Twitter, they finally joined the entertainment platform TikTok on September 25 2019 through a link sharing on Twitter.

“BTS Tiktok Channel Open” read the tweet was simple and straight shared through Bighit Entertainment which shares most of their professional announcements.

After the launch, BTS shared two videos featuring the members showing their arrival on Tik-Tok with excitement and the other one has performed a variety of hand gestures as their popular hit “Boy with Luv” plays

BTS never Stops to surprise as after joining the app, the group rapidly surpassed 1 million followers on Tik-Tok as each of their videos racked up millions of views within an hour of their being uploaded. Since then the group has been breaking the internet and making their fans go crazy with each and every post.

Along with Tik-Tok, Twitter, the group is on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and they regularly communicate with their fans through Bighit Entertainment reverse app. They even have an account in V-live where they come to live to chat with their fans.

Why Did BTS leave Tik-Tok?

There was an incident last year when the BTS account was unavailable due to some error which made fans broke down.

After this fans were deeply shocked when they logged on to find the group’s account but couldn’t able to find their favorite band’s account on Tik-Tok as the site revealed that the page could not be found.

And as soon as after this news fans all over the world went into complete meltdown as their page was unavailable and many others took social media as a platform to demand the restoration of the BTS Tik-Tok account.

Many fans wonder whose idea it was to come on Tik-Tok. Many speculate that it was jungkook’s idea.

Is it jungkook’s idea to have BTS on Tik-Tok?

It was an ongoing joke between Armys over how jungkook might have influenced them to join Tik-Tok since Billie Eilish’s “bad guy” went viral. The tweet literally got 1 million retweets and 2.3 million likes and has been viewed 30 million times.

But it’s just a random thought that was going on between Army. BTS is under Bighit Entertainment who takes care of all the work how the group is going to do anything.

It’s a recent incident that made Armys shocked after seeing the BTS account hacked

Who hacked the BTS account? Army urged to take legal actions.

The army claimed the account was hacked as they shared the screenshots and recordings of a new clip posted by the hacker on the channel. The hacker posted the video with the caption “go my account”.

First, the hacker posted an animated video and later uploaded another video in which a hand was holding a hammer and piano and with the caption “ four seasons “. Fans claimed that the video was creepy. Later the video and the account were removed.

According to the Arirang news report that a North Korean entity is trying to hack multiple South Korean outlets.

The report stated that North Korea targetting the diplomacy Security experts in South Korea with cyber attacks.

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