Who is Married in the most famous K-POP Band BTS

Bangtan Boys Marital Status: 

The world-famous boy band from South Korea, BTS, is a 7 members group. They are also known as the Bangtan Boys and have popularity in their native as well as foreign countries. It is said that too much popularity equals too many rumors. The most famous question that is asked or searched about BTS is are they married.

Well, no, none of the BTS members is married nor do they have any children. The boys have been rumored about having affairs with other idols but they have never kept any of their relationships public. So there is no certain proof of them being in a relationship or being married. It’s just people who are bored with their lives who make their own assumptions about BTS being in a relationship with other idols or any random person.

Rumors About RM: 

RM, among the members, is the one who is mostly rumored about stuff like this. He was once rumored about having a relationship with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa as they were seen together. But that does not make any sense because that might have been because of their friendship.

ARMY, the fandom of BTS, has inside jokes and one of them is Namjoon being married and having a child.

They are often asked to marry while they are on V live by fans.

A Jimin fan once got married to his poster.


None of the BTS members are married as they have clearly stated in their interviews that they are single and NOT MARRIED. So it is not wise to make assumptions about them being married and having children.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Who is married to a BTS member?

No member of BTS is married to anyone as of 2022.

  1. Who is married in BTS in real life?

In any life, no BTS member is married as of 2022.

  1. Who is married in the BTS group?

In the group BTS there is no one who has married instead all the members from the group claims they are single.

  1. Is anyone married in BTS?

The members in BTS are all single and not married.

  1. Will I marry a BTS member?

The boys are not in a relationship as stated by them so you might have a chance if you try.

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