Jungkook's vampire picture setting army's heart pace faster

Recently Big Hit uploaded a hot and mysterious vampire themed pic of Jungkook. The army's reaction is rather unusual than normal. 

After seeing the picture, the army's wondering whether Jungkook is releasing a new track related to it or the picture is just a normal picture.

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Whether the picture is for song or any other thing, but army really got excited after seeing the new Vampire Jungkook. Tap right to see Jungkook's new look 

Jin's cooking in new BTS Vlog

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In the latest BTS Vlog, Jin's heading to take a special cooking lesson with celebrity chef Lee Yeon Bok. 

The vlog started by Jin driving to meet the celebrity chef, Lee Yeon Bok. Jin also brings some presents as taken of love and gratitude. 

Jin makes fried shrimp toast in the shape of BTS logo to appreciate the love they gets from army.

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