Crowd Throws Chicken Nugget On Harry Styles, This Was His Hilarious Reaction

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Singer Harry Style was attacked by a chicken nugget at his show.  See what he replied. 

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On August 30, the ex-One Direction singer was performing at Madison Square Garden in New York.

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Crowd throwed a chicken nugget on him and he reacted with "FOOD ATTACK" and fans loved his reply.

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The video of this moment got caught in some of the fans phone and share on twitter and video went viral !!!

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where it went viral and received over 163k views and hundreds of comments and likes.

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Fans in the video were saying to EAT IT ! .The chicken nugget which was on the stag and Harry Style smiled and replied

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he replied that he couldn't because he was a vegetarian. "I don't eat chicken. Sorry. I don't eat meat," said Harry Styles in the video.

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Then, he threw the chicken nuggets back into the crowd and said, "Don't eat it. It's on the ground. We'll get you another nugget."

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This whole incident again show that how much fans love harry style and his respect towards his fans.

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