Is BTS's V dating BLACKPINK's Jennie? Recently a leaked picture says a lot. Let's find out what the truth is

BTS V has been again connected to BLACKPINK's Jennie after their photo got leaked.

A viral mirror photo allegedly featuring both the stars is making a lot of conversations in the social space

And this is not the first time both of them are making some headlines together.

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Previously rumors were sparked about them dating together when...

...when a picture of both of them near Jeju Island had surfaced.

Let's check out the picture that recently got viral and appear to be featuring V and Jennie together

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The picture appears to be old, when V was getting ready to fly for France for a Fashion Show.

The picture has two girls in it and one of them appears to be a staff member. 

The other girl is allegedly said to be BLACKPINK's Jennie, the one who is clicking the picture.

While this rumor is spreading some fans are saying that the photo is photoshopped.

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While HYBE, the agency handling BTS said nothing about this truth/rumor,

YG Entertainment, agency handling BLACKPINK said that they don't have anything to say about the dating rumors'.



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