BTS V Cries at night & Park seo joon feels jealous of bts' v

 In the recent episode after a fun-filled night of singing and teasing Choi Woo-shik about his show Our Beloved Summer, BTS’ V (born Kim Taehyung) was found crying under his blankets.

His friends were rather perplexed and asked him what had happened. He revealed that the past year was ‘disappointing’.  Woo-shik comforted him and said, “The year has passed, everyone has a bad year from time to time.” To encourage him further he said, “Take my good energy!”

Considering that BTS had expressed their emotional and physical exhaustion during their Festa Dinner 2022, it seems as if V was possibly echoing the same sentiment, though he did not delve into the details in the episode.

Park Seo-Joon stated that he would like to attend the concert in person one day, and V said he wanted to invite them to the U.S. shows. “That’s one thing I’m particularly envious of, V,” Seo-Joon continued. They were occupying a stage. I’ll never get the chance to do it.

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