Jungkook, a member of BTS, left for the US as the Global Ambassador for the Calvin Klein Fashion Event.



Prior to his departure, he did a surprise live stream with J-hope and T-hyung at his house.

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J-hope's new haircut surprised fans during the live stream, and it was revealed that he will soon be leaving for military service.

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Jungkook was seen doing laundry and preparing for the event before his departure.

The possibility of Jungkook attending Coachella music festival was also mentioned.

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Pictures of Jungkook hanging out with friends before leaving went viral on social media

His departure for the US event garnered significant attention in K-pop news.

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Jungkook's promotion of the famous fashion brand, Calvin Klein, on a global scale was also highlighted.

Fans are excited to see Jungkook at the Calvin Klein event and anticipate his return.

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As a member of BTS, Jungkook is known for his talent and fashion sense, making him a fitting choice as the Global Ambassador for Calvin Klein.

The surprise live stream before his departure also gave fans a glimpse of BTS's bond and closeness as a group.

With J-hope set to depart for military service soon, fans are cherishing these moments with the BTS members before their hiatus.



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