Jin answered some questions as to how he spends his weekend and he answered that he will just spend the whole day playing games

BTS's Jin Loves To play video games

He also said that on his days off he doesn’t bother to eat, and if he is starving then he will order the food. He says he stacks up snacks at home so that he has that in such time, generally, he doesn’t eat snacks but a quick snack fills him up.

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RM was asked about how he spends his weekend to which he answered in a very Namjoon way...

How to Spend  your weekend namjooning


... he said that he almost always goes out, usually to an art gallery or to the park or go for a ride on a bicycle and exercise. he said he usually would ride along the Han River or the Yangjaecheon stream as the courses are really well known and great.

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