BTS in White House, Meets Biden

South Korean K-pop band BTS used a White House visit Tuesday to call out a growth in anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States. All seven members of the K-pop sensation took to the White House briefing room podium, briefly addressing reporters who were assembled for the daily back-and-forth with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

The singer Park Ji-min, better known as Jimin, said through a translator ahead of a meeting with President Joe Biden that the group is "devastated by the recent surge of hate crimes."

Another member, Suga, appealed for tolerance, saying, "It's not wrong to be different. I think equality begins when we open up and embrace all of our differences."

Biden issued the invitation to "discuss the need to come together in solidarity, Asian inclusion and representation, and addressing anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination, which have become more prominent issues in recent years," the White House said.

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