There have been several instances that had hinted a sense of “Rivalry” between Twice’s Jeongyeon and BTS’s Jimin. Jimin and Jeongyeon were rumored to have dated before their debut BTS and Twice debut which hadn’t end on a good note.

“K-pop has taken over the word” this would be an understatement! There’s a sense of charm attached to the male and female K-pop idols that set them apart from the rest. Given their loyal fan culture, bands like BTS and TWICE have an enthusiastic amount of fame and fortune. But with mega-stardom, there are flaws as well!

Case in point, we have popular BTS and TWICE members Jimin and Jeongyeon! Between ARMY and ONCE, there have been heated discussions in the past as to what really went down between Jimin and Jeongyeon and whether something actually happened in the first place.

One viral moment happened at Music Bank where BTS and TWICE were being interviewed in the same room. The Bangtan Boys started singing their hit song Spring Day with TWICE joining along. However, it was in the end when Jeongyeon sang loudly and got the weirdest look from Chim Chim. Then, during a V Live session, when the rest of the nonet were dancing along to BTS songs, Jeongyeon seemed thoroughly uncomfortable and even stepped away from the cameras. Even Nayeon points at her laughing about something mischievous, which had ONCE and ARMY deciphering the meaning again.

While backstage during Music Core, Jeongyeon had an expression that could rival Jimin’s Music Bank expression when Jimin, the MC at the time, appeared next to them on a television screen going over the top yet adorable with his act. On SBS Inkigayo, when Jeongyeon was MC, along with her sister Seungyeon, were joined on stage by BTS, the TWICE member started mimicking the septet and got a major laugh out of Jimin.

Here are few tweets that were tweeted by the Army:


The rumored beef:

In the program Music Bank, BTS and TWICE were in the same backstage and they were promoting each other’s songs they were going to bring. At that time, all the members of TWICE looked very excited and laughed at the appearance of BTS, but only Jeongyeon seemed uninspired and didn’t laugh when looking at the appearance of BTS.

The camera also captures how Jimin glanced at Jeongyeon but Jeongyeon remained silent and was not interested in Jimin. Many ARMY and ONCE are guessing whether they have had a bad moment in the past or not.


Jimin and Jeongyeon were also caught on camera several times making eye contact, but when Jeongyeon looked at Jimin’s fig, Jeongyeon quickly looked away as well as Jimin. They faced each other but did not see each other. In fact, Jeongyeon felt uncomfortable when Jimin was looking at her.

However, there are some occurrences that might suggest that Jimin and Jeongyeon have a good relationship. During an event, Jimin was asked to draw and he drew a dog character in an army suit, but fans found out that Jimin was drawing Jeongyeon. At that time, Jeongyeon did have a character like a potato and a dog character that Jimin drew like a potato, and Jeongyeon also wore an army suit.

Netizen’s reactions towards Jimin-Jeongyeon:

Many fans of BTS and TWICE said that the two of them were actually fine, there was no bad relationship between Jimin and Jeongyeon, it was just a coincidence and not related to the theory that Jeongyeon did not like Jimin.

There are several netizens who commented. “My 1 dollar is on them having dated before Jimin’s debut and broken up unwillingly when he debuted. I have 0 evidence to support this and purely going off of my gut feeling. I don’t even know if they lived in the same city back then.” “I read somewhere that the reason is that Jimin rejected Jeongyeon for Seulgi. What a wild theory.” “This is hilarious. They really look like they are hardcore disliking each other. Considering that BTS and Twice have a lot of cycle promos that synced up I wonder what happened? Maybe they used to date and broke up? Maybe Jimin dated someone JY knew? Maybe they are in love and this is all a huge front! I love this beef.” “They are like siblings that hate each other.”


Jeongyeon had bought the “Lume Black Necklace” for all the members of her group and her sister Seungyeon.


Later, Jimin started wearing a black necklace, which looked very similar to the one that Jeongyeon had bought.


What do you guys think about this “Coincidence”?

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