The Most Famous BTS Member and Why

The worldwide famous and the biggest band BTS is loved all over the world, but who amongst them is the most famous BTS member? If you ask ARMY who is their favorite member, they can never choose and there is a saying amongst the fandom ‘7-1 = 0’, meaning that all the members are equally loved and important and that without even one member there is something missing in the whole band.

If we go by the popularity of the members on social media, having the deepest voice and being the most handsome man in the world: 2021 V AKA Kim Taehyung is the most famous member and why not, meaning just look at his style, his attitude, his humbleness, his childish behavior with a boxy smile and his cuteness who won’t fall for him. In their song ‘butter’ the line ‘I got the Superstar to glow’ really does seem perfect for him actually for all of them. And moreover, anyone can get stumbled with that baby TaTa Mic face and his dramatic visuals, to which not even the other members and the BigHit staff is immune to.

Kim Seok Jin since the band started had been the most handsome man and also during an interview he got called ‘Worldwide handsome’. Jin being the eldest member of the band, never really exerted his Hyung power on the other members and always cares for them and try to be more friendly towards the Maknae line and be a team member. Everyone loves his dad’s jokes and no one can stop themselves from laughing when Jin cracks jokes, not even Suga. His infamous windshield laugh is so addictive that we can’t stop ourselves from falling for it. His undying love for ARMY, his love for food, and his angelic voice which we can’t resist and want to listen to without any disruption are all the reasons that he is famous.

When it comes to the perfect combination of swag and cuteness with a gummy smile then Min Yoongi AKA Suga is the only name that strikes up in the mind. ARMY loves him so much that they always express their wish to marry him. Well, little meow meow is so adorable that even though he does not express his affection in words he is the most affectionate person and all the members show the love on his behalf. Whenever Suga does a live, he always does whatever the ARMY asks for. He is a musical genius and the fastest rapper and is famous for that. Yoongi, when it comes to giving advice, he is the best and can always lift up everyone’s spirit.

Our Sunshine JHope is most famous for his bright cheerful smile and his dance. Whenever he says ‘I am your Hope, you are my Hope, and I am JHope’ then it just makes ARMY’s day more hopeful and bright. JHope always takes care of the members and saves them from any mishaps or accidents when they are on the stage. When he dances people just be awestruck and especially his dance steps in Bulletproof 2 song where he goes down and Jimin does a summersault over him, that one is very powerful, though not the only one. There is a reason he is called the sunshine of BTS as wherever he goes he makes the atmosphere bright around him.

Jimin is always praised for being too kind, not only by the members but also by the staff, the makeup artists have said so. He dances so gracefully that you cannot move your eyes from him. His friendship with each member is so precious and everyone can rely on him. And his high-pitched voice is just so soothing that it can calm down even babies ad makes them feel at peace. Many call Jimin their angel and why not, he always come to everyone’s aid as a guardian angel. There have been pictures of Jimin of bright light falling on his head with a caption saying ‘Jimin forgot to turn off his angelic halo’ and who won’t agree to it.

Coming to the Golden Maknae, he is famous for being good at everything and there is nothing that Jungkook can’t do. His charms and bunny smile can just awestruck you. The members call him the muscle monster and yet his doe eyes would make him look cute. His love for his hyungs is very special as he cannot see any of his hyungs sufferings and if any of them are sad, then so will the Maknae be. He even once cried as his hyungs were sad.

And here comes our leader RM, who is the best leader and who has handled the members so well until now. His speech always inspires ARMY and its members. He has always been the backbone of the band that in their debut years was himself a kid and yet took all the hatred for him and only gave the love part to the members. Apart from this, RM is famous for his voice and his rap style. After all of them being so good at different things, how can someone choose between them to be the most famous among them, so you decide which member is most famous?

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