THE BTS ARMY DAY: BTS releases new song “Permission to dance”

Firstly, we all know who is BTS, now who is BTS ARMY? Where do they come from? Yeah BTS is now more than a regional Music BAND it’s a global music band so one could easily imagine how strong their fandom is. We all know how famous BTS is so if we speak about them we should definitely speak about their fandom too….BTS ARMY means Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth. BTS ARMY represents the most biggest and powerful fandom of this era crossing 70 million fans around the world. Now let’s see what is a BTS ARMY DAY.


Exactly 7 years ago, BTS is a small band just known in South Korea, who has unimaginable talent. Now they grabbed the attention of the music lovers across the world made a huge fandom and with their hard work, passion & dedication towards the music made their own path and stole many hearts with their soulful music by this many fans got inspired and united together as protecting armor to the band and precisely got the name as ARMY.

The worldwide fans connect together and in the name of ARMY, they protect each other from the critic’s haters and support & encourage the band in many ways since the first. BTS shows its love towards the Army in many ways like Vice-Versa.



Every year on July 9th we celebrate THE BTS ARMY DAY. In the history of the music world, many bands have either Interacted wither fans and made special songs for their fans, but here now BTS is different, they just dedicated one special day to their FANDOM just to celebrate their existence which first officially established by a group of fans called ARMY who always be back of the band and supports in many ways   


BTS  ARMY is formed worldwide with an agenda that to protect our boys and their music and stay connected always no matter what the Age is. No matter where they are from and which part of the world they are from, no matter what their skin color and mother tongue are doesn’t even matter they are rich or poor every single fan of BTS respects their fellow ARMY .soon after they step into the ARMY everybody just recognizes them as their own family and friends.

They follow the very good fandom culture and treat every fellow ARMY member as their own family. many become close to their hearts and develop a friendly nature among the beings.

They perform every single action in a united way. when the band releases the new single or album they themselves create the competition and streaming battles and make the music stunningly popular in an unimaginable way. They even make a trend with using hashtags on Twitter, we can see this live best example in YouTube view counts over their Music ARMY always wants to give the Best to BTS and so vice-versa again.

In many countries they call out to all the Army’s around and conduct the meet and greet sessions among themselves and through the social media platforms they stay connected and develop a healthy environment by sharing and gifting the BTS MERCH.

A picture of an ARMY MEET by ILLGIRLS named ARYM GROUP at the event of BREAK THE SILENCE movie release In INDIA.

In recent days in some countries like India, the ARMY’s made the separate organizations and collected huge funds and donated for COVID-19  reliefs, on every birthday of their favorite bias they also do many social welfare activities. In this way, ARMY always makes the BTS proud.

And definitely, every ARMY member is also proud and they say that their biggest flex is being this BTS ARMY fandom.

Like SUGA also known as MIN YOONGI, the member of the BTS group said in a recent interview that “once someone gets to visit their concert in a lifetime they would never like any other concerts in the world

 every BTS concert hits different and represents a huge purple ocean and takes the ARMY to the galaxy.

Till today every single ARMY member’s dream is to visit BTS concert at least once in their lifetime and experience such ultimate purple family galaxy.


Once the other member of the group KIM TAE HYUNG also known as ‘V’ said  “WE PURPLE YOU” BORAHAE and gave a purple heart to the ARMYs from then the quote “WE PURPLE YOU” has made the strongest unbreakable bonding bridge between the BTS and ARMY which is emotionally connected with each other.



The  BTS and their ARMY called they are “BULLETPROOF”  that no one can break their bond.

Like they made music saying they  

We were only seven,

              but we have you all now,

              after seven winters and springs

at the tip of our entwined fingers,

yeah we got to heaven

-We are together BULLETPROOF

BTS also dedicated their music and awards to their ARMYs, JIN the other member of the BTS who is the oldest one also dedicated the single called “moonin the map of soul 7 & album to the ARMYS .in the recent single BUTTER they also made and represented the word ARMY and showed how much they love their ARMY saying that

All the players get moving when the bass low, GOT ARMY RIGHT BEHIND US WHEN WE SAY SO

 by this, all the ARMYs went crazy.

 even in the period of lockdowns of Covid-19, they came with soulful music to cheer the ARMYS and left a message that no matter what they will be always connected. they also made some online concerts called BANGBANGCON and SOOWOOZOO concerts they made exclusive interviews with media even with Indian media also, and they always update and shares their thoughts and views on social media platforms like REVERSE AND VLIVE.

When they do so ARMYs feel that they are not alone in this world. They have connected with them always. by this, we can understand how much they love each other and protect each other.

How BTS became the biggest band in the world

This year 2021 on the event of ARMY DAY on July 9th BTS released the single ‘PERMISSION TO DANCE’ with BUTTER  and gifted it to the ARMY. BY this gift from the group the ARMY felt so warmed and enjoying the music across the world.

As a fellow ARMY I’m so proud of being in such a beautiful purple ocean ill never regret being part of this ARMY FAMILY  and no matter what I always love and adores the great music by my favorite music band BTS who are the top artists of the year and still continues to be the top 1 in billboard charts and has world’s most Handsome men who are Grammy-nominated artists. Here finally I wish every fellow army who is reading this A VERY HAPPY ARMY DAY … BORAHAE.                                                                                                                       

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