BTS absent due to JIN enlisting in the military? Here’s what a South Korean Lawmaker has to say:

BTS Military

Whether or not Kim Seok-jin, the eldest member of BTS, enlisted in the military, was the biggest elephant in this room for the longest time. The world-famous Korean band and their company, Hybe Labels, have not dealt with an impending problem, and the fate of BTS depends on their congress. BTS ANNOUNCEMENT BTS surprised fans … Read more

RM’s ‘FESTA GIFT’ for ARMY, is here!

RM's Festa gift is here

RM’s ‘FESTA GIFT’ for ARMY, is here! As a part of their ongoing FESTA celebration, RM’s Festa gift is here BTS’ RM, released a new solo track, titled ‘Bicycle’.  RM reunited with South Korean, singer-songwriter, John Eun. The track was produced, written, and arranged by the leader himself, along with John Eun.  Previously, prior to … Read more

BTS Festa 2021

BTS festa 2021

Hold up ARMYS, BTS is here to ‘Sweep you up like a robber’, with BTS FESTA 2021. South Korean boy band, and the Global K-pop Sensation, BTS,  are once again, all set to get the ARMYs heart melting like Butter, with their much-anticipated celebration of the band’s 8th Debute Anniversary, aka, BTS Festa.  BTS official … Read more

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