BTS absent due to JIN enlisting in the military? Here’s what a South Korean Lawmaker has to say:

BTS Military

Whether or not Kim Seok-jin, the eldest member of BTS, enlisted in the military, was the biggest elephant in this room for the longest time. The world-famous Korean band and their company, Hybe Labels, have not dealt with an impending problem, and the fate of BTS depends on their congress. BTS ANNOUNCEMENT BTS surprised fans … Read more

BTS can be the new Beatles? BTS becomes the first group to hit No 1 on Billboard 100 after The Beatles

bts Beatles

Over the past few years, BTS has frequently been compared to The Beatles due to their large fan base and the number of records they have set on music charts around the world. On Oct. 4, Billboard announced that Coldplay’s collaboration with BTS, “My Universe,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. This … Read more

Rise of Bangtan!

Rise of Bangtan!

Rise of Bangtan! BTS received their FIRST GRAMMY NOMINATION. BTS’ new single is sweeping the Global Charts by topping Billboard HOT 100, straight for 3 weeks. HYBE (Formally known as, BigHit Music) saw its Market Valuation, exceed 10 Trillion Won ($ 8.95 B) for the first time. BTS, a band managed by BigHit Entertainment, a … Read more

BTS Butter: Sets a New Record!!


BUTTER – BTS : BUTTER-BTS breaks their own record after their song, Butter, hit 113M views by midnight ET, according to the platform’s public views counter. Earlier, BTS had set a record with their song entirely English single, Dynamite, 2020, with 101M views in the first 24 hours. The track is the group’s second all-English … Read more

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