Taekook Never Changed, Enjoying spinning around Merry-Go-Round

Taekook Enjoying spinning around 

After spending their long vacation, BTS is back with new energy and vibe to their rituals and programs. However, their recent Instagram activities have fans believing that they are resuming work soon and that a new BTS album announcement might be coming our way soon.

On Wednesday, a new Bnagtan Bomb was dropped featuring BTS’s second day of the FESTA photoshoot and members V and Jungkook aka Taekook riding a merry-go-round. Jin said that they were in their cute colors from “Dynamite”. RM said they were Teletubbies, and Jin agreed over that.

The video, released on YouTube, was a behind-the-scenes moment from the photoshoot of FESTA 2021. The members were to take pictures at the merry-go-round place in the studio. In between the shots, Jungkook began spinning the apparatus. Soon, Jin joined in. Jinkook took a few rounds on it before Seokjin got off and fell due to the dizziness caused by the spinning.

BTS leader RM, who was standing beside the duo, teased Jin and said that he is having the after-effects of merry-go-rounds. He said that the Moon singer looked like a piece of art on the floor.

After the Teletubbies, V joined Jungkook, and together, they spun around on the merry-go-round for a while, with V posing like a pro and both breaking into giggles.

It has been six years since V and Jungkook (also known as Taekook together) first left ARMYs in splits with their merry-go-round session. Back in 2014, fans were treated to a video of Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook playing on the apparatus in the middle of the night and having a ball by themselves.

The sight not only brought back memories of 2014, but it also had fans cheering that though six years have gone by, Taekook never changed. A BTS fan tweeted, “6 years apart!!! And Taekook never changed.” “Taekook never changed, they grew together,” added another. “This is truly an instant serotonin boost! Taekook’s giggles please,” a third fan added. “Tiny taekook on the merry-go-round…and their giggles, they’re very precious,” a fan tweeted.

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Frequently Asked Question : 

  1. What does BTS FESTA mean?

BTS FESTA is an event where BTS celebrates its debut anniversary with ARMY.

  1. What does FESTA mean in Korean?

It means to be similar to a “fan café”, which is the same concept, but mostly accessible to domestic fans because it was exclusively in Korean.

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