‘Surviving Bigg Boss is really tough’ : Manisha Rani and Excited for Bigg Boss 17

Questions Asked From Manisha Rani - Bigg Boss

It’s not true. I feel that when you are not deserving, no one can help you reach till the end of the game.

You cannot reach the top three if you don’t have that zeal or the charisma.

I feel I am amazing and don’t need anyone to make sure I am heard.

Abhishek and Elvish are strong personalities but I really connected to them and that’s why the three of us could reach here. 
That doesn’t mean that I have used them.

For sure, there was no bias because Salman sir did tell her at some point that she shouldn’t get physical with anyone.

But I feel like no one told Pooja Bhatt anything all season, even when she was wrong.

She did make some small mistakes, but no one asked her about them.

During the first week, Bebika and I were very close.

I didn’t feel bad when we fought because if you’re truly friends, you NEVER stop being friends with each other.

Jad is a good person in every way, but he has trouble with words. I think that some of his friends were trying to get him interested in me, but I didn’t feel bad about it because I know that once he leaves the house and gets to know me, he’ll see that I’m a real girl at heart.

Abhishek has always been like an older brother to me.

I love everyone with all my heart and think it was both a game and a TV show. There was a real link between us.

You should also notice that I always served Elvish food. I love taking care of the people I care about.

Yes, I have made two great friends: Elvish and Abhishek.

I feel they will stick by my side forever.

It’s clear that Abhishek is also a strong candidate, and Elvish is a very strong person.

I think it’s impressive that you make it through every day of Bigg Boss, though.

I think Abhishek had a lot of trouble, but when Elvish won, I thought he deserved it because the crowd loves him.

That being said, I think wild card candidates should have a little less trouble than the other contestants.

I have a lot of friends, but when we play a game, that’s all we talk about. It has to do with being fair.

After 60 days, you feel like leaving because you see people refusing and nominating you.

It’s really hard to stay alive there.

It was hard for Abhishek to fit in from the start.

In terms of Elvish, I think that once you move in with him, you’ll enjoy being around him because he’s so funny.

Our happiness at his victory is great.

So far, no wild card winner has won Bigg Boss in the last 17 years. He broke the record.

I’m overjoyed that a friend of mine won the show.

Yes. I feel that even if someone insults me or is mean to me, I see them as contestants.

She had nominated me a lot of times, but I never nominated her.

I feel that when it’s about the game, I like to play it fair.

If the person is deserving, I will never nominate them because that person has fought for the show and has done a lot to reach here.

Listen more and talk less.

Also, you need to have great deal of patience.

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