Richest BLACKPINK Member: Net Worths Revealed!

BLACKPINK is a South Korean K-Pop Band that debuted on August 8, 2016. Since their debut, BLACKPINK’ has been a famous and popular K-Pop band since their debut with the album Square One, giving the hits like, “Whistle” and “Boombayah.”

The band consists of 4 members, Jennie Kim, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. After their success money is no way far from them, let’s check out who is the richest BLACKPINK member.

Their sense of style on and off stage made them brand ambassadors of some of the famous luxury fashion houses. With records-breaking singles and albums as their popularity raised, more brands started reaching them.

Some famous brands working with BLACKPINK members include Chanel, Tiffini & Co, Calvin Klein, Hera, Samsung, Dior, Cartier, etc. Also Read: BLACKPINK Pink Venom, Feel the charm of ‘Canine Dance’

It is said by some verified and big sources that the combined net worth of the K-Pop band BLACKPINK is around $62 million. With all the brand deals coming in and the music that is going up & up in the charts, it is believable that their net worth will be jumping to the sky soon.

Jennie’s Networth


Money to Jennie is no stranger thing as she grew up in a wealthy family. Her mother is a major shareholder in the company CJ E&M, one of South Korea’s biggest entertainment companies.

With so much wealth around her, Jennie did not rely on that wealth and instead started working hard to earn her bread, and started earning money from the beginning of her career at the age of 14. 

When the girl group decided to slow down the group activities and decided to pay attention to their career, Jennie was the first one to go solo with her single, SOLO, in 2018. Also read: Who is the richest BTS Member, ARMY also got shocked!

Her single breaks many records and was a hit after a few hours of releasing it. She made history as a Korean soloist female artist.

Aside from her successful music career she also bags some major endorsement deals with many luxurious fashion houses and many big tech companies. 

Jennie is known as ‘Human Chanel’ as she is so fond of the brand and also endorses the brand’s product. Apart from Chanel Jennie is also the face of the Korean luxury beauty Hera, Calvin Klein, Samsung Galaxy, and Lotte Confectionary. 

She also collaborated with a luxury Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster. In the collab, they together released a line of sunglasses, the Jentle Home Collection.  

With such huge brand deals and success with the music Jennie’s net worth is estimated at around the US $10 million.

Lisa’s Networth


Lisa is having a wonderful career in music. Born and brought up in Thailand, Lisa later joined BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment.

Lisa is the main rapper and the lead dancer of the group. 

In 2021, Lisa also debuted as a single artist and released a solo album, ‘Lalisa’, consisting of two singles, ‘Lalisa’, and ‘Money’. Also Read: Have you wondered and thought of meeting BTS, If so then here are the ways to meet BTS Band

Lalisa had a huge success and brings Lisa a Guinness World Record. It became YouTube’s most-viewed music video within 24 hours of its release with 74 million views. It broke the previous record of Taylor Swift’s Me! with 65 million views. 

Besides her terrific music career, Lisa also appeared in a few TV shows as an actor like Real Man 300 and Youth With You.

As the most followed member on the Instagram of the girl group BLACKPINK, it is said by Korean Media that Lisa charges around $200,000 per sponsored post on Instagram. 

Lisa is also the face of some luxurious fashion brands including, Bulgari, Prada, Celine, MAC, and some other brands like AIS.

With such a following on social media platforms and such a great music career, Lisa’s Networth is estimated at around the US $14 million.

Rosé’s Networth


Rosé is the band’s main vocalist and lead dancer. Rosé was born in New Zealand and competed against 700 candidates to finally become a part of BLACKPINK.

Rosé debuted as a single artist in 2021 with her record-breaking album ‘R‘. 

The major single of the album “On the ground” became the most viewed Youtube video by any South Korean soloist in 24 hours. Rosé also released many music covers on her Youtube Channel. 

With a such huge fan following Rosé also has done many luxurious brand endorsements. She recently joined Tiffini & Co as their brand ambassador. 

Rosé is also the face of the luxurious French luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent. Rosé has also a deal with the famous Korean cosmetic brand Kiss Me, and another endorsement deal with the video game Perfect World Mobile. Also Read: Luxury BTS House in Korea, BTS’s Members Million dollar Property

With such huge brand deals, Rosé’s Networth is estimated at around the US $18 million.

Jisoo’s Networth

Richest BLACKPINK Member Jisoo

Jisoo is currently the richest member of BLACKPINK. With so much going on with her in her acting career Jisoo is surely making more bags than any other member. 

Jisoo will be the last one in the girl group to debut as a solo artist as she is pretty busy with her filming schedule. 

Jisoo started her acting career in 2015 with some cameos in movies like The Producers (2015) and Arthdal Chronicles (2019). Jisoo bags her first lead role the previous year in Snowdrop. The drama gained so much popularity around the world. 

With her beautiful looks, she has been one of the big names in the commercial world way before her BLACKPINK debut. She appeared in LG, Nikon, and Samsonite commercials before her BLACKPINK debut. 

In 2021, Jisoo was chosen as the Brand Ambassador for the Luxury fashion brand Dior along with Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard, and Rihanna.

Jisoo is also the face of French luxury jeweler Cartier, and the leading Korean cosmetic brand Kiss Me.

Jisso’s net worth is estimated at around the US $20 million.


Who is the richest member of BLACKPINK?

Jisoo is currently the richest BLACKPINK member with a net worth estimated at around $20 million.

Who is the poorest member of BLACKPINK?

Jennie is currently the least wealthy person in BLACKPINK. Though her net worth is around $10 million she is mostly richer than most of us:)

What is Rosé’s Net Worth?

Rosé’s Net Worth is estimated at around $18 million. She is the second richest BLACKPINK member. 

What is Lisa’s Net Worth?

Lisa’s Net Worth is estimated at around $14 million.

Is BLACKPINK richer than BTS?

No, BLACKPINK is not richer than BTS. BTS’s net worth is around $60-$100 million and BLACKPINK’s net worth is around $40-$50 million.

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