Why Were BTS BUTTER Teaser Views Deleted?


BTS on Tuesday dropped the teaser video of their new song ‘Butter’. After which ‘Army’s all over the world were waiting for the mv release. And finally on the 21st Friday BTS Butter After Dynamite, South Korean band BTS dropped their latest track, Butter. The band’s new track video set a brand new record because … Read more


kim seok jin

KIM SEOK JIN KIM SEOK JIN is popularly known by the stage name Jin and worldwide handsome. He is a member of a well-known South Korean boy band BTS since June 12th, 2013. He broadcasted his first solo project “Tonight”, which was released on June 5, 2019. He co-produced his wings solo track “Awake” on … Read more

Park Ji – min’s (better recognized as Jimin) Memoir

Park Ji - min's (better recognized as Jimin) Memoir

Park Ji – min’s (better recognized as Jimin) Memoir Park Ji – min’s (better recognized as Jimin) Memoir, a member of the Korean Boys Band BTS, is a South Korean singer, dancer, and songwriter. His name Jimin means “Wisdom that reaches the sky”. He was born on October 13, 1995, in Busan, the second-largest city … Read more



                                            JUNGKOOK JUNGKOOK is the “Golden MAKNAE” of BTS, but his age does not hold him back from flourishing between the other members, He is a singer-songwriter, composer, and producer.  EARLY LIFE JUNGKOOK was born on … Read more

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