Namjooning: How To Spend Weekend

Namjooning is the name given by the BTS ARMYs to Kim Namjoon AKA RM who has the habit of taking time to explore museums and natural landscapes, to just relax or think, or to get in touch with nature on his own. On 2nd May, on reverse, an interview with RM was posted about how he spends his weekend and some related questions.

RM was asked about how he spends his weekend to which he answered in a very Namjoon way, that he almost always goes out, usually to an art gallery or to the park or go for a ride on a bicycle and exercise. When he was asked about his favorite course, he smartly said it was a secret and laughed and said he usually would ride along the Han River or the Yangjaecheon stream as the courses are really well known and great.

He said that he loves warmth and so it would be nice if the hideout place had a lot of plants and trees when he was asked what his hideout would place would be like if he and his members would have for themselves. He also added that it would be fun if they had a game console and would probably end up looking like a company break room and nothing special. He said he would prefer the hideout place to be right next to the office in a playful way so that he could go to the studio whenever he needs to and said it would be best if it was in the company building itself. Also Read: Kin Tae-Hyung replies to a marriage proposal. Do you know what he said?


When he was asked if there would be any role that he plays in the hideout place, he answered that his ideal role would be to not have any role but if he has to choose then it would be ‘Material supply’ which he thinks would be the easiest. And he dismissed the thought of assigning the role to the other members as it is supposed to be a space for all of them to rest so he wishes them all could rest.

RM said it would be nice to rent out a coffee shop and just talk with the ARMY if he could spend one weekend with ARMY, and added that it is a dream for sitting together with ARMY and have a small talk and have fun singing a little. Lastly, he ended the interview by giving advice to ARMY to have regular old weekends by enjoying what they like the most and hopes that BTS could meet ARMY soon. What is your thought about your ideal weekend? Namjooning weekend sounds great.

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