MapleStory, BTS Jin ‘Commuter Brave Kim Seok-Jin’ teaser released

The game MapleStory has released a teaser for BTS Jin’s new content.

On the 10th, on the official YouTube channel of MapleStory, a video was posted, ‘He who is a ‘Jin’ in Maple, finally appeared on Nexon.”

The released video begins with Jin walking in front of the headquarters of Nexon, the developer of MapleStory. Before entering the building, he trims his clothes, smiles, and boasts a warm visual, attracting attention. Also Read: BTS’ Jin Attends Hunt’s VIP Premiere in Hot All Black Attire

Jin said, “Commuter veteran Kim Seok-jin. I will go to the company,” he said, announcing that he was going to work at Nexon’s headquarters, and with this, ‘Commuting Brave Kim Seok-jin’ would be released on the 16th and 18th.

Netizens who saw this commented, “This man’s love for Maple is unusual” “I think it’s going to be so much fun” “I’m happy just showing up” and “If I get into the company, it’s a real talent” “It would be fun to go to work if I had a new employee like that” “It’s like a hamster going to work” “I look forward to how happy he will be” and “a man who is serious about Maple” is showing various reactions. Also Read: Jin becomes the first K pop artist to achieve the title of ‘Worldwide Record Maker’

Previously, on the 8th, MapleStory drew attention by revealing the resume of a new employee, Jin (Kim Seok-jin), saying, “A resume that gives tension to the Maple Story team?”

In particular, Jin’s résumé shows that he has been an idol for 10 years in his career and is a MapleStory game planner in the field of support.

MapleStory was released in 2003, and many users are playing it.

MapleStory, BTS Jin Teaser


What video game does Jin loves playing?

Jin loves playing MapleStory, the popular side-scrolling online role-playing game.

Who is a gamer in BTS Band?

BTS’s member Jin is a gamer and loves to play video games.

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