KIM SEOK JIN is popularly known by the stage name Jin and worldwide handsome. He is a member of a well-known South Korean boy band BTS since June 12th, 2013. He broadcasted his first solo project “Tonight”, which was released on June 5, 2019. He co-produced his wings solo track “Awake” on October 10, 2016. He is an older member of the group, a vocalist, and a visual too.

Birthdate and birthplace: 

Seok jin was born on December 4th, 1992 (age: 28 as of 2020) in Gwacheon-si a city in Gyeonggi province, South Korea.


Jin pursued art and acting at Konkuk University and graduated in 2017. He furthermore went to posung middle school and Hanyang Cyber University.

Family name:


Family members:

His family members comprise his father, who is the CEO of a company, his mother (who is speculated as Miss Korea 1997), and his elder brother, Kim Seok Jung.


Sagittarius(December 4, 1992)

Achievement and accomplishment:

Jin made a record “Moon” achieving 100 #1 on iTunes worldwide.
It is the 4th BTS song with the most #1.
It is the 2nd song by a Korean solo artist with the most #1 on iTunes.

Seok Jin was rewarded the fifth-class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit by South Korean President Moon Jae-in accompanying other members of the group.
On May 13th, 2019, he entitled to the UNICEF Korea’s Honors club after contributing over 100 million won (USD 88,000) to the organization.
A mukbang show titled Eat Jin was created by Jin himself. The first video was disclosed on May 20, 2015, on Bangtan’s TV.


Here are some popular nicknames for jin;
• Worldwide handsome
• Worldwide funny guy
• Car door guy
• The third the guy from the left
• Car door guy
• Jinny
• RJ
• Flying kiss guy
• Jinpaca

Certitude: (Facts)

1. Jin went to a boy’s high school regardless got 16 roses on Valentine’s Day.
2. On Rolling Stone, when Jin was asked about Military Enlistment he said if he has to enlist first alone and the other six members continue as BTS.
3. Jin cried after their first performance because his pants kept plummeting.
4. Once Jin was called in the middle of a show when he was napping but he, however, managed to answer and talk to them with such great manners.
5. Jin praised Jimin saying that Jimin is so darn cute and he got a tiny and elegant face.
6. His favorite clothing brand is Givenchy.
7. His hobby is looking in the mirror.
8. He wants to, marry someone better at cooking than he is.
9. He loves zombie movies.
10. His favorite dish is carbonara pasta.
11. Jin said no matter how old Jungkook grows he will always be their maknae and they plan to, feed him milk eternally.
12. He uploads a cooking post on Bangtan’s blog as a way to get closer to fans.
13. He loves eating.
14. He says the members used to honor him but now they tease him a lot priprimarilyJungkook.
15. His favorite place to go with the members is the water park.
16. He does not like to drink coffee often and incline towards tea.
17. Jin is more of a dog person.
18. He says “Boy in Luv” is the song that made BTS into who today they are.
19. All the members agree he has the best skin in the group.
20. He started to play Mario at age five.
21. On Valentine’s Day a long time ago, Jin tried to make chocolates for his mom but he ended up burning them and his mother got furious.
22. He thinks his allure is his full bottom lip.
23. Jin said that if he were a girl and he had to choose someone to date, in BTS he’d choose Jimin.
24. He likes to collect Mario and Maple story characters.
25. He believes the song “Just one day” suits his voice the best.
26. His favorite part of the song “Dope” choreography is when it was over.
27. He’d like to have 3 children, 2 boys, and a girl.
28.  A month before the debut, Jin is only two slices of chicken breast a day.
29. A fan asked him to write something harsh to help her diet and he wrote “You look like a Pokemon”.
30. Jin likes Disney princess.

Famous phrases:

1. RM: what’s your good luck charm?
Jin: My handsome face.
3. Hello, My name is Jin. I’m worldwide handsome, you know?
4. RED, R- Revolution, E- Evolution, D- Drop in the ocean.
5. Hey stop it!
6. If it’s delicious then it has 0 calories.
7. You don’t know “Annyeonghaseyo”?
8. “Smell”
9. I don’t have friends…Ahhhh BTS! MY FRIENDS!
10. “Brad Pitt”


  1. Q: How did Jin join BTS?
    A: Jin was scouted by Big Hit Entertainment during his university days and auditioned to become a member of BTS. He was selected for his vocal abilities and charismatic personality, and joined the group as one of the original members.

  2. Q: What are Jin’s notable achievements as a solo artist? A: Jin’s solo songs have been well-received by fans and music critics alike. His solo track “Epiphany” became the first BTS solo song to surpass 100 million streams on Spotify, and his solo performances during BTS concerts have been highly praised for his powerful vocals and emotional performances.

  3. Q: Is Jin involved in any acting or other entertainment activities apart from music?
    A: Yes, Jin has also ventured into acting and has appeared in various Korean dramas, such as “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” and “Abyss.” He has also been a guest on several TV shows and variety programs, showcasing his versatility as an entertainer.

  4. Q: What is Jin’s fashion sense like?
    A: Jin is known for his impeccable fashion sense and is often recognized for his stylish and trendy outfits. He has been acknowledged for his fashion choices at major fashion events and has also been appointed as a brand ambassador for luxury fashion brands.

  5. Q: Does Jin have any special talents or hobbies outside of music?
    A: Yes, Jin is known for his cooking skills and has shared his love for food through his cooking videos on social media. He is also skilled in playing the guitar and enjoys photography as a hobby.

  6. Q: How does Jin handle his busy schedule and maintain his mental well-being?
    A: Jin has been open about the importance of self-care and mental health. He practices self-care through various means, such as taking breaks, spending time with family and friends, and pursuing hobbies that bring him joy. He also encourages fans to prioritize their mental health and practice self-love.

  7. Q: What is Jin’s relationship like with his fellow BTS members?
    A: Jin shares a close bond with his fellow BTS members and their friendship is well-known among fans. They often express their love and appreciation for each other in interviews and social media posts, and their strong camaraderie is one of the reasons for their success as a group.

  8. Q: How does Jin stay connected with fans despite his busy schedule?
    A: Jin makes efforts to stay connected with fans through social media, regularly posting updates, photos, and videos to share his daily life and interact with fans. He also communicates with fans during BTS concerts, fan events, and through fan meetings, showing his appreciation for their support.

  9. Q: What are Jin’s future plans as an artist?
    A: Jin has expressed his desire to continue pursuing music and acting, and to further develop his skills as an artist. He has also mentioned his interest in exploring different genres of music and taking on new challenges in his career.

  10. Q: What sets Jin apart as a member of BTS?
    A: Jin’s vocal talents, his sense of humor, and his warm and caring personality make him stand out as a member of BTS. His ability to connect with fans on a personal level and his genuine interactions with them have endeared him to millions of fans worldwide.

Article by: Kajal Barthwal


In addition to his musical accomplishments, Jin has also shown a deep commitment to philanthropy. He has donated to various charitable causes, including disaster relief efforts, children’s hospitals, and educational organizations. Jin has also used his platform to raise awareness and advocate for mental health, self-love, and positivity, using his influence to make a positive impact on society.

Fanbase and Fandom Culture

Jin’s popularity is also attributed to the passionate fanbase of BTS, known as the ARMY. The ARMY is a dedicated and supportive fandom that spans across the globe, showing unwavering love and admiration for Jin and his fellow BTS members. The ARMY’s fan culture is characterized by their active engagement on social media, fan art, fan fiction, fan events, and charity projects. Jin’s genuine interactions with fans, his witty sense of humor, and his kind-hearted nature have further endeared him to the ARMY, creating a strong bond between the artist and his fans.

Popularity on Social Media

Jin’s popularity extends beyond the music industry, as he has also amassed a massive following on various social media platforms. He regularly shares updates, photos, and personal moments with fans, providing a glimpse into his life and personality. Jin’s social media presence has further strengthened his connection with fans, allowing him to communicate directly with them and showcase his down-to-earth and relatable personality.

Controversies and Challenges

Like any public figure, Jin has faced his share of challenges and controversies. However, he has handled them with grace and professionalism, showing resilience and maturity. Jin has been open about his insecurities and challenges, including his struggles with self-esteem and body image issues. Despite these challenges, Jin has always maintained a positive attitude, inspiring fans with his courage and determination to overcome obstacles.


Kim Seok Jin’s contributions to the music industry and his impact on popular culture will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy. His exceptional vocal abilities, genuine personality, and philanthropic efforts have made him a role model for millions of fans worldwide. Jin’s influence as a member of BTS and his individual achievements as a solo artist have left an indelible mark on the K-pop industry, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of artists and fans alike.


In conclusion, Kim Seok Jin, better known as Jin, is a multi-talented artist and a prominent member of the globally renowned boy band BTS. His soulful vocals, handsome looks, and charming personality have earned him a massive fan following worldwide. Jin’s contributions to the music industry, his philanthropic efforts, and his impact on popular culture have made him one of the most famous BTS members. His genuine interactions with fans, his positivity, and his resilience in the face of challenges have further endeared him to his fans, creating a lasting legacy in the music industry.

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