K-pop stars BTS answer top searched questions on them

K-pop stars BTS take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet’s most searched questions about themselves.

Questions were 

Who are K-pop stars BTS’s members?

Members introduced themselves

Who is BTS has the deepest voice?

 Members started,  started trying going in a deep voice.

Who joined BTS in order?

Rm starting saying it’s RM is the first SUGA next JHOPE, JIN and JUNGKOOK, V, and JIMIN

Who is BTS’s Best friend?

K-pop stars BTS

 Ed Sheeran, Halsey

Can BTS come to my Birthday party?

K-pop stars BTS

Jin started saying oh sorry!

  sorry, we are busy

Can BTS cook?

RM says we got Jung, we can cook most Korean dishes by now if you watch our variety show, RUN BTS, you will know what dishes we know how to cook, we can even make Kimchi, Jimin said that you can also find out why some of the members don’t cook

Can BTS drive?

Besides RM, everyone knows how to drive

Can BTS eat spicy food?

All members started saying Yesss!! jin asks do you know nuclear fire noodles?

Jungkook says that he can’t able to spicy food these days Jimin also agrees with Jungkook that it is too hard.

SUGA says that but to non-Korean standards we can eat spicy food well RM  agrees to that.

Can BTS play instruments?

V said he’s starting to learn how to play trumpet-RM

Can BTS members swim?

J hope says  I can swim well, he stands up started asking like he’s swimming jin said your upper body is still, but your feet are moving your outfit kind of looks like a swan too.

How BTS changed my life?

J-hope said for me BTS became a sign of hope, like my name.

afterwhile, I just believed  and believe and it became true before I was a bit dark but now, I became a brighter person- jin

BTS influenced so many aspects of ourselves, it makes me think, “let’s try this to the end”- Jimin

If wasn’t in BTS I’m not sure I would’ve continued with music-RM

How does K-pop stars BTS introduce Themselves?

They started introducing  themselves hello we’re BTS

How old are members in BTS?

Members say their age Rm -26, V -25, Jk-23, J-hope-27, Suga-28, Jin skipped his question by skipping into another question

How BTS learned English?

We go to work on our pronunciation we didn’t learn English-RM

Rm says jk is taking lessons, Hobi taking lessons, Suga taking lessons about Jimin you are not taking any lessons Jimin sad NETFLIX

How does BTS sing and dance at the same time?

they say you just have to practice this and get better.

Does BTS eat McDonald’s?


they now deliver from the Itaewon one – Suga

RM says it’s been a while I eat a lot of the BTS meal is gone now.

Does BTS buy their own clothes?

I wonder why they’re curious about this-RM

V says of course we buy our clothes.

Suga says don’t buy clothes.rm exclaims that we barely buy our clothes except for LOUIS VUITTON.

Does BTS dye their hair?

K-pop stars BTS

Jungkook shows J hope, jin says he dyed his hair black.

Does BTS drink coffee?

We love coffee, coffee boys.

Does BTS eat healthily?

Members started shouting NO!!

Rm says I like sugar, SUGA says that he tries to be healthy he doesn’t drink soda or eat sugar the members started teasing Suga doesn’t eat sugar.

Is BTS famous?

Yeah very famous, V asks RM  How do I say maybe in English then he says maybe.

Is K-pop stars BTS Korean?

Yes, we’re Korean.

Is BTS nice?

 Jin yeah BTS is very very nice, NO we’re great Rm says

V says we’re bad boys, cause I’m a bad boy

Who is the BTS leader?

Namjoon Kim

    Our leader is a very smart and very kind very healthy big body and very handsome.

Who is the BTS producer?

Hitman bang, Suga, slow rabbit, hiss noise, dog.

Who is the most handsome in BTS?

V says jin  is a very handsome guy

jin says thank you

Who is the best dancer in BTS?

Members started shouting  J-hope, j-hope says that I think RM, SUGA, jin

Does BTS make their own music?

 Members replied of course. We write our own music

Does BTS need a new Member?

Rm replies honestly if a new member were to join I do wonder how they will endure an adjustment, then after that v says it’ll be really uncomfortable for us I think we will hate it.

Although we have so much stuff to take it- JIMIN

All rooms are taken -JK

But we do need a beatboxer though says RM

Does BTS play games?

V says these days he like video games their game is called “IT TAKES TWO”

Does BTS watch anime?

There’s a lot of Korean anime coming out these days-SUGA

It’s been so long since I watched- JIMIN

I love Ghibli animation so much-v

Does BTS work out?

People have been asking me if I do CrossFit, I’ve never done CrossFit in my life. jk says that we work out isn’t close to CrossFit

Does BTS get along?

NO NO!! (members shouts)

We have a strictly business relationship We’re just business

even amongst ourselves, we are so social distanced-V

BTS WIRED autocomplete interview

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