“Jungkook strips please film this !”: Jungkook shirtless

In episode 97 of Run BTS! BTS had a pajama party where they played games, each member changed into whichever pajamas their paper plane landed near. In the episode’s behind the scene jungkook strips down on set. As his members “whoa” and “wow” at his physique. Jin can be heard shouting to the staff, “Jungkook is stripping please film this !”: Jungkook shirtless. BTS Jin and Jungkook have an adorable brother-like relationship and like siblings, they like messing with each other and have fun though they are of totally different ages.

Their usual shenanigans include pretended fighting sabotaging one another in Run BTS and crashing each other’s selfies. Their playful bond of friendship is entertaining for ARMY’S to see.

Army’s was loving each moment from BTS singer V taking to reverse to share selfies. To jimin hosting VLive which also saw a cameo by RM. But the best moment was when jungkook raised the temperature by going shirtless in a video that made the army go crazy. The viral clip sees Jungkook along with his band members jin, suga, j-hope, Mochi, RM, Taehyung. The highlight was when Jungkook took off his shirt and jin said “Film It”.

Watch it here!

Kookie removed his shirt to change into another set of clothes before he could join the team for the task. The moment which wasn’t a part of the Run BTS episode has driven fans crazy.

There’s another incident that made the Army go crazy when Jin shared a selfie when Jungkook crashing Jin’s selfie while shirtless is proof fans can’t get enough of them.

Jungkook does not go on Twitter as much as the rest of the guys, so whenever one of the members shares a photo with him fans appreciate it so much. On July 1, Army’s thanked jin for sharing pictures with the youngest BTS member but he didn’t mean actually mean for jungkook to be in the photos. They were supposed to be solo selfies he took of himself but jungkook had other plans. Jin managed to get one flawless picture of himself before a shirtless jungkook crashed his photo session and wrapped him in a bear hug. Instead of ending the photo session jin shared the sweet moment with fans

“Jungkookie interfering since I’m taking pictures, and Seokjinie just uploading them as they are,” Jin captioned the post, according to a fan translation by @BTS_Trans.

Take a look at the photos from Twitter below-“Jungkook is stripping please film this !”: Jungkook shirtless

Now let’s talk about some of the things Suga shared with fans by revealing how other members workout shirtless which includes Jungkook, Rm, and Jimin. Rm cut it by saying Suga also workout with them and j-hope and V don’t exercise often.

“If you come to the gym, you can see us soldiers like in movies. We are like, yes, baby! go, go, “ Suga said imitating himself lifting weights, “when you open the door you’ll see us shirtless saying, “we’re awesome, yes!

Jimin added when he feels his muscle growth, he looks at himself in the mirror. Of course, some fans took to social media, sharing their surprise at the members working out together shirtless.

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