Jimin and jungkook shows the resilience in their military training

As a global phenomenon, BTS graces the stages across continents, their undeniable talent and captivating performances have endeared them to millions of fans worldwide.

However, fans have recently been offered a rare glimpse into a different facet of BTS members Jimin & Jungkook’s journey through military training. Seems like both of them are adjusting well to military lives.

Some new photos of the military training batch have been revealed showing both the BTS members JIMIN and JUNGKOOK.

It is stated that these photos are taken soon after the completion of their CBR training, where CBR is known as Chemical, Biological, and Radiological training .

Usually in this CBR training, all the members in the Training wear a glass mask perform various tasks, and complete the exercises that are given to them according to their schedules in the military training calendars.

We can see that both Jungkook and Jimin looked relaxed and at ease in the photos! why not? what cannot they do anyway? By seeing it BTS fans got relaxed knowing their idols performances in the training.

See how crazily they love them even though they recognize Jungkook who is wearing the black mask !!!  it is again proven that while we love someone so deeply that we can’t be able to forget their eyes at all, all the love lies in Jungkook’s beautiful eyes which made it easy for fans to recognize him even with the mask on.

Even in the Military or anywhere, one cannot lose their true self. Yes, that’s our Jimin! We could see him with a slight smile on his well-known baby face.

While there are several points noticeable to fans through these photos released by the military both Jungkook and Jimin seem to be training side by side as indicated by the numbers 59 and 60 on their helmets. Happy to see them together.

They both showcase their true love and dedication to their nation by performing all the tasks in the training where previously some photos of them while training together had revealed their impeccable skills with guns like pros.

So all these constant Updates by the South Korean military forces about the BTS group members’ training and their skills and their great dedication towards the Nation by coping up with all the general training tasks and exercises like all other military men show their immense respect and love to their nation.

By all these photos and updates we could say that BTS fans were relieved and seemed proud and joyful to see that members were Adjusting well to military life. With these photos, all the social media platforms like X(Twitter), Weverse, Threads, Instagram, etc were flooded with lots and lots of responses from fans throughout the world showered with their love and support.

Here we say from all the fans and Armies across the world that all of their Constant prayers and support may keep all the members safe and good throughout their military service and let their journey by all means end up with lots of memories, Respect, and great experiences.


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