Jin becomes first K pop artist to achieve the title of ‘Worldwide Record Maker’


JIN being an amazing songwriter and a singer has outdone himself and shown everybody his talent and what all he is good at. Recently, JIN has been announced as the most famous and successful artist and musician in the world after he released his standalone track which is ‘Super Tuna’ which has made great success and has given JIN more recognition. He is now the World Wide Record Maker and is trending number 1 on YouTube under the category of music industry hence he is the only solo K-pop artist who is able to achieve this much.

His standalone track has now surpassed many old records such as he has broken the record of PSY with Gangnam Style which is a very big and difficult thing to do.

About Super Tuna 

JIN had earlier made a super hit but this ‘Super Tuna’ was JIN’s seventh hit on the hot Trending Songs list.

JIN released ‘Super Tuna’ on his birthday that is December 4. Super Tuna has great visuals and the sound effect is really nice this is the major reason why it got so viral. People made it a challenge and called it the Super Tuna challenge which got famous on TikTok and other social media platforms where uncountable people have made reels and participated in this challenge.


1. What is the name of the debut which made Jin break the record?

The name of the debut is ‘Super Tuna’.

2. When was Super Tuna released?

Super Tuna was released on JIN’s birthday that is on December 4.

3. Which spot has JIN placed himself now in the Tally?

JIN has managed to be in second place in the Tally.

4. How many times have Jungkook scored with the group?

Jungkook has scored five times with the group.

5. Did JIN announce a period of rest for himself?

Yes JIN took a period of rest which has now worked wonders with his debut song ‘Super Tuna’.

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