Jin and his Love for Playing Games on Weekend

Kim Seokjin AKA Jin answered some questions as to how he spends his weekend and he answered that if he doesn’t have any work to do he will just spend the whole day playing games and spend most of the time at home also added in a mischief way that the world outside of the bed is dangerous. Jin loves games. He also said that on his days off he doesn’t bother to eat, and if he is starving then he will order the food. He says he stacks up snacks at home so that he has that in such time, generally, he doesn’t eat snacks but a quick snack fills him up.

When Jin was asked about his hideout place he said that the first thing that comes to his mind is that there will be a karaoke machine, beverages in the fridge, snacks, a few computers, and maybe a ping pong table. This shows how much Jin loves to play video games and sing, and a person should do what they like in their free time because that’s what makes us feel relaxed. In this hideout place, Jin would prefer to be somewhere quite remote where he can enjoy peace and quiet. Also Read: Jin’s ‘Yours’, from Jirisan creates a record, the army goes wild

Unlike RM, Jin had a specific role at his hide-out place that he would like to be in charge of keeping the refrigerator filled with beverages and would get a bunch of different types of soda. He also did not hesitate to assign roles to other members and made RM the in charge of managing the hideout place, JHope will be keeping everyone cheerful, Suga will be in charge of keeping the humidifier filled with water and the others will be in charge of cleaning and this way their hideout will work perfectly. Also Read: BTS Jin’s Military Service, know the updates!

He said that he would like to go to an amusement park with ARMY and although he doesn’t really enjoy rides, but he will be okay if ARMY is with him. Lastly as an enthusiast gamer he suggested in a fun way that ARMY should also play games if they want to really have a full weekend. He also said that generally, you get to play games when you are on vacation. At the end of the interview, he said he misses ARMY and has asked with a promise to ARMY to stay healthy until ARMY and BTS meet again.

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