Jimin’s Apartment Seized, Privacy Compromised: Army’s Worried

Jimin’s debut OST was recently released and within a few hours became the number 1 on US iTunes and also UK iTunes. But, during this happy time, the Artist went through some worse things as Jimin’s apartment got seized, and there were overdue of premiums to be paid to NHIC (National Health Insurance Corporation). The issue regarding this was been cleared by BigHit Music through their official statement regarding this. The translation of the same is ‘Regarding this case, some emails were omitted due to mistakes in the process of the company receiving the mail that arrived at the artist’s accommodation first and delivering it to the artist. Jimin wasn’t aware of this since he was busy with his overseas schedule and long-term break from the end of last year, but as soon as he confirmed this matter, he paid it in full amount, and the case has been closed. We apologize for causing concerns to the artist and fans due to the negligence of the company.’

This statement makes it pretty clear the issue, still many haters have been badmouthing the artist, and the media leaked this to the public. The Artist’s documents and bills got stolen as well from his mailbox regarding these bills so that he won’t be able to pay the same and be portrayed as an irresponsible person. Many also speculate that since there are a lot of discussions going on regarding their military services, so haters are trying to ruin their image one way or another so that their military services are not waived off. Also, his personal information other than this was leaked and put in the question regarding his security and his privacy being infringed. Due to this many ARMYs got furious with the Sasaeng who must have leaked the information.

Jimin's apartment

Jimin’s apartment is situated in Hannam, a place known for having very tight security and many verifications, and not anyone can enter therein. So many speculate that it must be someone from the elite class who must have done the deed, yet it’s just a speculation. For sure though, the people who leaked the personal information will be found out by BigHit entertainment and the proper legal action will be taken against them. Let’s hope for the best and hope that the Artist remains safe from any more such things.

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