Is BTS Coming To India Soon? Army Convinced After Priyanka Chopra Introduces Them At Global Citizen Stage

With millions of fans of BTS known as the BTS Army, it is one of the most popular Korean Boy bands around the world and in India too. From Bollywood actors to college students, there is a long list of members in the BTS ARMY. Indian fans had expressed their desire for a long time now, asking the K-pop stars to visit India soon, and it seems like their wish will soon be fulfilled. Due to the coronavirus situation earlier, BTS Boys were not able to visit India earlier. But now conditions are getting normal again in many places and now BTS may visit India soon. Yes, if Indian ARMY’s speculations are to be believed, these globally famous K-pop sensations might soon visit India. Yes, your read it right, BTS coming to India can be true soon.

On Sunday, BTS boys gave a rocking performance of their hit songs on the Global Citizen stage. From Butter to Permission To Dance, K-pop boys performed from South Korea and won everyone’s heart at the global citizen stage.

But the most interesting thing that caught the Indian ARMY’s attention was Indian global icon Priyanka Chopra who introduced BTS’ performance at the show. After this, a lot of army members are speculating that BTS may visit India soon. Apart from this, Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor also made a special appearance right ahead of the K-pop group’s mega show at the Global Citizen Stage.

Some fans also twitted about this on Twitter speculating that this may be a hint to something big. Some fan tweets are:

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