First of all, before starting please take a note that this is just imaginary thought about their kissing techniques so please don’t get offended. This is like a dream of every female army to think about this once so I tried to write something about how BTS would kiss: “the kissing techniques”.

So let’s start with the group’s leader RM aka :

bts kiss

Kim Namjoon – Namjoon is a superb constant kisser. His kisses might be long, sinking, and sensual making your frame trying for extra. Before kissing he may examine his girl with a lovable smile together along with his lovely dimples. He may chew his girl’s lips earlier than ultimately leaning to kiss her. You can experience the sexual pull at the back of his kisses, and after some seconds start to get heat on your belly and personal parts. Things might frequently get extra heated, with him the use of his tongue often however in a sluggish and attractive way. There may be a few aspects which namjoon additionally needs his lady to do allow us to say as he would really like her lady to have her palms around his neck, his very own on her waist. Even the slightest of kisses might normally cause extra mature matters and in case you have been in public while you kissed, you wouldn’t be capable of forestall considering all of the matters you may do as soon as you bought home. You might also additionally get right into a scenario wherein namjoon desires to have his hand to your cheek and forcing the gaze to fulfill powerfully. He might be very aware of the impact he changed into having on you And might be capable of study your frame language very well. Talking about his lips it’d be tender and his mouth might be very candy clearly like chocolate or if he has been drinking a wealthy red wine.

 Now after the leader let’s talk about  the lead rapper of the group Suga aka:

Min Yoongi – Talking about Suga it’d be a totally specific and one-of-a-kind enjoy as compared to different members. He could be surprisingly mild and loving with you preserving his kisses broadly speaking light on your lips. We all realize Suga is properly skilled in relationships, so if he kisses her she would remember this for an extended time. He could bite his lips searching at her eyes, leaning slowly and eventually seize her lips. He could experience slowly kissing and mild sucking of lips could alternate the tempo frequently. He does not rush things alongside and could be satisfied to kiss his girl for hours. Of all of the participants I assume he enjoys the act of kissing the maximum as he loves the intimacy of being bodily near his woman, however in contrast to Jimin Rm and  Jungkook, he does now no longer have any airs approximately his expertise for the act. If we communicate approximately how Suga feels kissing in public, we could say even though he isn’t always dead-set towards kissing in public, he prefers kissing at home wherein he and his girl get privacy and take it too slow together. Like in case you start.  kissing him you’ll frequently lose track of time and never want to stop.

His best day could be to cuddle your interior whilst looking at the rain whilst kissing your lips.  He could naturally use his tongue on occasions but it’d constantly come as a chunk of a surprise to you and you’ll be able to experience his ardor for romance for you. His mouth and lips could flavor like candy espresso or like he has been drinking whiskey.

 The subsequent one that we’re going to speak about is :

Park Jimin – Jimin could be very candy and sort persona so if we talk about his kissing it might be special. Jimin could make you experience like you’re the simplest woman in the world while you kissed. You could lose all feel Of time and place, frequently forgetting in which you’re while you often kiss in public.  Jimin loves affection a lot and kisses you a lot. Maybe now no longer at the lips however he could kiss your neck or your cheek. He does not frequently use his tongue as an alternative who prefers to rubdown your lips in among his. His kisses could be mild and addictive making you crave for greater and inflicting you to kiss him for a long period of time. You could discover yourself leaning to him for greater kisses. He could flavor like minty clean from his common tooth brushing or if he were consuming of a fruity rose-wine. His perfume could scent mild and woody with a vanilla base.

jimin kiss

 The next member of the group is kookie aka :

Jungkook – Looking at jungkook it feels he’s pretty skilled and a great kisser. You might be very pleasantly amazed at how jungkook is at kissing. While he often gets nervous around girls, he’s a confident kisser and is aware of it very well. His lips might be firm and robust in opposition to yours and his self-belief might seize you off guard. He does not use his tongue, however, kisses you very closely, without a great deal-breaking apart. He might pull his girl nearer by tangling his fingers in her hair and putting his hands at the side of her face. His kisses might be consistent and lengthy making you sense as though you’re in a romantic movie. He might flavor like fruit juice or if he were drinking rum or coke and his perfume might be gentle and masculine without a great deal of sweetness.

junkook kiss

Now shall we speak about worldwide handsome Jin aka:

Kim seokjin – Jin is widely known for his flying kisses so what if we consider how jin could kiss. Jin could be a very gentle kisser and could continually experience very romantic and loving. You could easily sink into his kisses however it’s far the warmth, affection, and safety at the back of them blended together along with his extreme feeling for you which of them lead them to so unique to you and that you experience the most. His kisses could be shorter than the other members so as far as he could often shrink back to praise you: Calling you princess, saying how quiet you’re, and the way fortunate he’s to have you. He would never leave out a possibility to tell you how much he loves you. His kisses would leave you starry-eyed and with butterflies, however do not have the warmth of sensuality behind them a number of the opposite members. Instead, they’re basically loving and affectionate, leaving you feeling heat inner and sparkling from his love for you.

Jin could normally use mouthwash before kissing you and could flavor clean or if he has been drinking white wine. He could put on a totally mild woody fragrance.

Kim seokjin kiss

The subsequent member is j-hope aka :

Jung Hoseok – Talking about the kissing style of j-hope it’d be very frantic and heated. He is this type of cuddly ball of pleasure and hyperactivity that he could be nearly not able to kiss you deeply. Instead

Preferring to briefly peck you over and over again whit his barely open and wet mouth. His infectious smile could spoil thru as you kissed him and you’ll experience his teeth smiling against your lips and his breath to your face as he giggled and grinned. You would not be able to help but smile back, feeling your belly developing giddy with butterflies. For this reason, your kisses could not be very consistent, however, you would not mind as his adoration for you is clear. You could regularly cutely bump noses as you move your heads against every other, trying to find a pleasant attitude and often transferring your heads to and fro to preserve the power going. He could regularly shrink back out of your lips to plant kisses throughout your face and you’ll find yourself doing the equal to him, finding him absolutely adorable and loveable. Your kisses could regularly cause something else as kissing Hoseok usually makes you especially giddy and left feeling joyfully tipsy. J-Hope could normally flavor fruity and minty-fresh. If he were consuming he could flavor a fruity alcoholic spritz. His perfume could be an uplifting fruity-citrusy and woody scent.

jhope kiss

The last and best we are speaking about V aka :

Kim Taehyung -. Taehyung has his personal specific rhythm and style which can sometimes be hard to match. His kisses could frequently be pretty moist as he would use a lot of tongues, opening his mouth passionately against yours. Although he’s one of every of the largest cuddlers withinside the group, he would not often kiss you at the lips except when things have been getting extra heated among you. Instead, he could opt to kiss you at the nose and the top of your head. If you ever complained about his kissing approach or his loss of kissing you (eg. If you have been an evidently very kissy person) he could take observe and take some time to kiss you extra often or slowly. However, you will have the ability to inform that it was slightly ingenuous and rigid and it might sense bodily unsatisfying. It could consequently be quality to simply accept that he’s a completely unique creature and as a substitute get pleasure from the instances whilst you do kiss. Taehyung could flavor inexperienced tea and lemon. If he were drinking, he could flavor whisky. His heady fragrance could be an uncommon woody number.

Kim Taehyung kiss

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