Have you wondered and thought of meeting BTS, If so then here are the ways to meet BTS Band

Meet Bangtan Boys : 

To meet BANGTAN BOYS who you might know as BTS is the dream of many armys around the globe. Meeting them in person is what armys dream of day and night. Luckily there are ways you can meet BTS but those ways are limited for some armys only. As BTS have too busy of a schedule so it is tough for them to perform in every damn country which is not humanly possible either.

Meeting them at concerts

The most obvious ones are concerts. BTS has concerts and they give out VIP tickets to the concerts too. The VIPs sure do get special treatments. They get to see BTS doing the soundcheck a day before when there’s not that much of a crowd that enters during the actual concert performance. The VIP seats are at the front so there are more chances of VIPs being noticed than any other army there. They recently had their concert in USA. It was their 1st concert after the pandemic so it meant a lot to the armys as well BTS. There was a different kind of energy (positive) while they were on stage this time according to a lot of armys that went there.

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BTS Groups

BTS, just like any other idol group, does ‘fan signs’. These are the ones that piss off the armys who couldn’t attend them the most. You can literally touch the members in these fan signs. They obviously give you their autographs and meet you personally. All the members chat with you and you can give them your gifts. I mean you get a chance to touch them and have a conversation with them as well. That is what all the armys crave for their whole life. Because o their too busy schedule, they haven’t been to any fan sign event for a long time.


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Attending Live Interviews 

Last but not least way to meet them is through attending their interviews. They do a lot of interviews while they’re overseas or while they have new music out. You can see them in those interviews as well.

In conclusion, if you want to meet BTS you need to start saving cause it costs a lot of money to meet 7 men from South Korea that the world craves to meet.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. How to meet BTS in India?

If you’re an Indian army it is really tough to meet BTS while staying in India. You can save some money and fly to South Korea to meet them or you can attend one of their concerts or fan signs.

  1. How to meet BTS without money?

It is quite impossible to do so. You really need to save if you want to meet any of the members.

  1. How to meet BTS online?

BTS recently had an online concert where there were armys watching them online so if they ever hold another that kind of a concert you might be able to meet them that way.

  1. How to meet BTS after concert?

You can watch the members as much as possible during the concert but after the concert it is quite impossible as they all get tired and rush to their resting destinations. Some great celebrities do meet BTS backstage but that’s just an advantage of being a celeb.

  1. How to meet BTS V personally?

You can meet V personally in one of BTS’ concerts. You can try to meet him in one of the interviews BTS attend. The most closest you can get to V is during a fan sign event where you can literally hold hands with the guy.

  1. How to meet BTS Jimin?

You can meet Jimin the same way as V. To meet with him personally, you can go in one of BTS’ concerts. You can try to meet him in one of the interviews BTS attend. The most closest you can get to this guy is during a fan sign event where you can literally hold hands with Jimin.

  1. How to meet BTS in fan sign?

Fan signs are the events where you can have a chat with the guys’ in in-person. You can touch them, give them gifts and they actually notice you there. They are held in South Korea but due to pandemic and their busy schedule, they haven’t been able to do one for a very long time.

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21 thoughts on “Have you wondered and thought of meeting BTS, If so then here are the ways to meet BTS Band”

  1. Hello Bangtan,
    This is my first time commenting here and I hope it get to you,my name is Efemena and am from nigeria……
    I hope you all are fine,actually am still trying to get to know BTS better,I wish I can see you all in person,you all are doing a great job and I envy all of you for your geniue love you have for each other,I wish I had friends like you,I love you all and most especially I love you BTS Jimin, in the future I have something (gift) for you for a reason best known to me…….
    To my
    Lovely BTS

  2. I know I never meet BTS but thay are on my bucket list.I just love theses boys thay make me laugh.and I love there music. Jk reminds me of my first love the way he plays drums.so if I never get to meet them.thats my wish too but I’ll keep watching them when ever I can thank you guys for bringing back memories for me

  3. my dream is to meet them.iam frm India.i love them soon muchh.they are so inspiring for me.they are my idol.when ever I see them..they bring a smile on my face..i love you bts..
    love from an army

  4. Love you bts but I love jungkook so muchhh Kookie I love you and I always pray to Allah you all are always shining like stars or like seven 🌟 I want to meet you but litterly it is impossible because I am from Pakistan and you are in Korea and I have no much resources to meet you but I have a strong faith on Allah and I pray to Allah only gave me jungkook Kookie I love you so much

  5. 안녕하세요 방탄소년단 it’s Lochana from India….. amm l am a big fan of yours specially l am OT7 STAN but my bias wreaker is jimin,jk,v all of them…! I am a school girl l am studing in 8th grade and just wanna ask and say that how are you all doing?? When is BTS coming to India?? I actually wanted to meet you but the biggest problem is my family specially my mom and dad are haters of yours and they are not allowing me to come in your concert and fan signing event l want to complete my qualification and warm money and come in south Korea and settle in south Korea with family! That’s all!! And RM is so polite and motivational person for me! Suga is a cat for me!
    Jin is also worldwide funny and handsome to me! Jhope is my hope which teach me dance and stunts! Finally my 1st crush Jimin is a cute person and also a encouraging person to me..! My 2nd crush Taehyung aka V is my winter bear to me which teaches me how to be naughty with siblings.!
    And last but not the least my 3rd but the 1st crush Jk aka Jungkook is golden hyung for me and teaches me how to run in a speed..! My golden makhnae is good at everything..! And all members are like my family members..! Love you BANTAN SONYEODAN ( BTS) Bangtan Boys!❤️💜 Saranghe and borahae💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  6. Hllo bangtan boys

    I am from india and I wish I meet you soon but I am not come to Korea you are not live in India that was why I am very sad all members are very sweet I meet with RM , V ,Jimin , Jin ,Suga , Junkook , oppa I am too small so you are my oppa .
    Love you oppa
    Take care
    Byy thankyou to everyone

  7. I would give anything to meet bts right now I’m not complaining I’m trying to save money to meet them they are my heroes I look up to and I want to give them a hug and talk to them and play with them they are the reason I got into K-pop

  8. Actually my childhood love/my fiance wanted to meet you all the group members..
    She is listening right now ur music and I hope I’ll be able to get her in front of all of you.
    Please let me help to reach out to you for her only.
    Myself:- Aakash from India🇮🇳
    Please help us


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