Goal of the Century: Hyundai, BTS, and Steven Gerrard Launches A Campaign

The goal of the century: Hyundai Motor, Steven Gerrard, and BTS call for a United World for Sustainability on the Road to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

With the slogan “Goal of the Century”, Hyundai Motor launches a global sustainability campaign. Steven Gerrard and global pop sensation BTS will lead the campaign in a new manifesto film as members of the newly formed “Team Century”. This campaign begins on Earth Day and continues through and beyond the FIFA World Cup 2022, scheduled to be held between November 21 and December 18, 2022.

Through football, this camp wants to unite humanity and inspire everybody to support a sustainable future. In conjunction with this campaign program, Hyundai is on a mission to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, in which CO2 emissions will be eliminated at every point of production and operation.

A new team of ambassadors is being formed by Hyundai Motor to promote a variety of environmental and social sustainability projects as part of the “Goal of the Century” campaign. BTS is joined by former England national team player Steven Gerrard to form “Team Century”.

With the campaign message in mind, Hyundai Motor intends to provide eco-friendly vehicles to national teams, VIPs, and event officials during the FIFA World Cup. The official fleet of the FIFA World Cup is the first to include eco-friendly vehicles.

In order to defeat poverty and defend the planet, K-pop band GOT7 addresses today’s most pressing issues. The Korean pop boy band never let fame get to their heads despite their international success.

By collaborating with the “Goal Of Century” BTS members have all contributed to charity or championed social causes in a bid to improve the world. And they’ve inspired their fans to take action, too.

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