Everything You Should Know About Jungkook

About Jungkook 

Jungkook is the mononymous stage name of Jeon Jung-kook (Korean: born 1 September 1997). He is a South Korean singer by his occupation. He is the youngest Korean boy band BTS, as well as its vocalist. He is under the label of Big Hit.

Jungkook Debut 

Jung Kook made his debut as a member of BTS on June 12, 2013, with the release of the track 2 Cool 4 Skool. He has sung three solo songs while a member of BTS; the first, pop track “begin” from the 2016 album Wings, describes his narrative of traveling to Seoul at an early age to become an idol and shows appreciation to his during that time. The second, a future bass song titled “Euphoria,” was released on April 5, 2018, along with a nine-minute short video as the opening to the third installment of BTS’ “Love Yourself” series.

Jungkook Tags in 2021 

The Korean singer has been named the most attractive guy in 2021 by King Choice. The 24-year-old in BTS’s youngest member. Jung kook has the most fans out of all the BTS members. The members of BTS have enchanted the globe with their stunning appearances and great dress sense. Their admirers are also interested in learning the key to the band members’ extraordinary attractiveness. Jung kook maintains his glass skin with a one-of-a-kind skin care regimen. To keep acne at bay, he uses apple cider vinegar. In addition, he massages his face with jojoba oil to keep it moisturized.

Jungkook and V 

V, another popular member of the BTS, was named to The Teal Mango’s list of the most handsome men, which was published last month. Meanwhile, Hrithik Roshan, the Bollywood heartthrob, had topped this list. Surprisingly, according to multiple poll surveys, all BTS members are placed on practically all such lists, at varying positions. The members of the Korean BTS band that have taken the globe by storm are RM, Jin, Suga, Jung kook, J- hop, V, and Jimin.


  1. Is Jung kook single?

Ans. Jung kook has denied being in relationship with Lee Yoo Bi, this is a false rumor about another member of BTS.

  1. Instagram id of Jung kook?

Ans. @abcdefghi_Imnopqrstuvwxyz

  1. Who is the leader of BTS?

Ans. Kim Namjoon, whose stage name is RM. He is the leader of BTS.

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