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Park Ji – min’s (better recognized as Jimin) Memoir

Jimin, a member of the Korean Boys Band BTS, is a South Korean singer, dancer, and songwriter. His name Jimin means “Wisdom that reaches the sky”. He was born on October 13, 1995, in Busan, the second-largest city in Korea. Park Jimin’s age is 25 years as of 2021. Jimin is the vocalist and main dancer in the band group BTS.
In 2013, he premiered as a member of BTS under the record label Big Hit Entertainment.

Early life and education

Apart from Jimin, his family counts on his mother, father, and younger brother. He did his schooling at Busan’s Hodong Elementary School and Yonsan Middle School. In the course of middle school, he attended Just Dance Academy and mastered popping and locking dance. Before becoming an apprentice, Jimin studied contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts and was an elite student in the modern dance department. After a teacher suggested it, he auditioned with an entertainment company which led him to Big Hit Entertainment. Once he broke through the auditions in 2012, he transferred to Korean Arts High School, graduating in 2014.
Jimin graduated from Global Cyber University in August 2020 with extensive experience in Broadcasting and Entertainment. As of 2021, he signed up at Hanyang Cyber University, seeking a Master of Business Administration in Advertising and Media.
When young, Jimin was such a refined boy that he went to the police station to return the 50 cents which he found on the ground.
Jimin’s father did not approve of this change of direction from being a science student to a singer because he wanted him to have a stable job. But when Jimin’s teacher told him about his true talent, he quickly agreed to let his son detain the school of arts.
At his young age, Jimin spent all his time in a basement practice room with no life outside of it. He was the last member to join BTS. Jimin worked hard to ace dancing with all the moves that needed different muscle movements. He officially debuted on June 13, 2013, along with other BTS members with the release of the single “NO MORE DREAM”.
In 2014, he wrote lyrics to a song called “Christmas Day”, a song adapted from the Justin Bieber song Mistletoe.
Starting from 2015, BTS started to express detailed and central choreography such as “I Need You” and “Butterfly”.
In 2016, Jimin collaborated with several artists on a song called “LIE”, his first solo song included in the album “WINGS”. It was also a year where he started appearing in various TV shows such as Hello counselor, Please take care of my refrigerator, and God’s workplace.
He even began hosting special MCN shows.
The year 2016 treated Jimin well as he was ranked 14th most preferred idol in a survey conducted by Gallup Korea.
Jimin continued to express his musical interest when in 2017 he released another solo track called “Serendipity” as an introduction to the album “Love yourself”. This album is soft and central, unraveling the joy, conviction, and curiosity of love. All his solo songs surpassed 50 million streams on Spotify, which made him Jimin the only Korean artist with 3 solo songs that reached 50M streams.
In 2017 Jimin along with Jungkook released a music cover for the song “We don’t talk anymore”, by Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth. Also in the same year, his friends created and launched featured characters called “BT21” and Jimin was involved in creating his character chimney, a puppy in a yellow hoodie, and he created a backstory for the character as an abandoned puppy roaming around with a harmonica and eventually joining BT21.
His recent career was introducing the 7th annual BOF (business of fashion)
Recognizing the people shaping the global fashion industry.
In 2018 BTS joined the UNICEF in joining generation unlimited, a global partnership that aims to expand education, training, and employment opportunities for young people. After this, he visited Busan and donated $84000 to the Busan metropolitan office of education for student welfare.
As a member of BTS, Jimin also broke a record of Kpop groups and boy bands. His inner and outer beauty has truly touched the hearts of millions along the way.


Don’t you think that the quotes are sometimes the best way to start your day with positivity?
Well, Jimin has shared his wisdom and humorous mind to his army in quotes that inspires many these days. One of them is, “Never give up on a dream that you’ve been chasing almost your whole life…” And many more.


Jimin’s very first selca on twt was posted on 4th February 2013.
This one seems patent if you’re an A.R.M.Y. One of Jimin’s pet names is “mochi” which is just too cute to handle! He was the so-called cause of the way he pouts since Jimin’s pout makes his cheeks look soft and squishy, just like the sweet treat!