BTS Suga x PSY: That That, Another massive hit from PSY

that that

Suga and PSY released a surprise collaboration called “That that”, a legend with a legend calls it! Suga will oversee the production of PSY in That That, the title track from his upcoming full-length album PSY 9th. New video footage features the two K-pop singers talking about their friendship. The new music video will include … Read more

Yoongi Marry Me: Never Gets Old

Yoongi marry me

ARMYs have this habit of asking every time in one way or the other to every BTS member to marry them, though it is not exactly in a serious way, and all the members react to it differently, but in a good faith. The one thing that has been constant is that in every live, … Read more

BTS: WHO chief reaches out to RM, Jin, Suga after they tested Covid-19 positive, wishes them a speedy recovery.

BTS Announce their comeback

BTS MEMBERS COVID POSITIVE Recently, After the news got confirmed and aired about the affected BTS members, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tweeted on BTS’s official Twitter account praying to help them heal faster. BTS Suga was confirmed Covid positive on December 24, he was returning from the US and he was going back … Read more

BTS’ Suga tests positive for Covid-19

Suga at white house

South Korean band BTS, rapper Suga tests positive for Covid. He was in the US and after coming he was tested positive. This news was confirmed on Friday by the BTS agency. The agency confirmed and assured everyone that they will take good care of Suga and will help him recover as fast as he … Read more

BTS Members Instagram Breaks Record With 11Million+ Followers In 13 Hours

BTS members at white house

Yes, you read the heading right!! BTS members revealed their personal Instagram account on 6th December 2021. They received millions of followers in just 1 hour of opening the account. All the members also got verified within an hour of opening the account. Check out their accounts and their first post below: Jin’s Instagram View … Read more

BTS Bon Voyage, Top Moments That Will Fill Your Heart With Love

BTS quotes

Eight years since BTS officially debuted into the K-pop music scene, they’ve earned large fandom (collectively called ‘ARMY’) and have propelled themselves into international superstardom. Bon Voyage is BTS’ travel series with each season filmed in a new location. . The reality features the members of BTS traveling around the world. It shows them in everyday … Read more

K-pop stars BTS answer top searched questions on them

BTS biggest controversies

K-pop stars BTS take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet’s most searched questions about themselves. Questions were  Who are K-pop stars BTS’s members? Members introduced themselves Who is BTS has the deepest voice?  Members started,  started trying going in a deep voice. Who joined BTS in order? Rm starting saying it’s RM is … Read more

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