BTS J-hope at Lollapalooza: Some Favorite Army Moments

BTS J-Hope at Lollapalooza

J-Hope of the group BTS went on stage as the headliner of Lollapalooza in the United States and captivated tens of thousands of spectators. After finishing his solo stage safely, he said, “I’m proud of myself.” BTS J-Hope at lollapalooza appeared as a headliner held at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, USA at 10:50 am … Read more

Artist Made Collection ‘Show’ By BTS J-Hope

Most Famous BTS Member

The BTS Army is drooling over the BTS member’s self-designed merch which has been dropping throughout January. It has stolen and melted the hearts of the fans. The products have their personalities and styles which reflects the style and taste of respective member. Hobi’s recently released self-designed product that is ‘Hope Pot Set’ and ‘Side … Read more

BTS Members Instagram Breaks Record With 11Million+ Followers In 13 Hours

BTS members at white house

Yes, you read the heading right!! BTS members revealed their personal Instagram account on 6th December 2021. They received millions of followers in just 1 hour of opening the account. All the members also got verified within an hour of opening the account. Check out their accounts and their first post below: Jin’s Instagram View … Read more

BTS Bon Voyage, Top Moments That Will Fill Your Heart With Love

BTS quotes

Eight years since BTS officially debuted into the K-pop music scene, they’ve earned large fandom (collectively called ‘ARMY’) and have propelled themselves into international superstardom. Bon Voyage is BTS’ travel series with each season filmed in a new location. . The reality features the members of BTS traveling around the world. It shows them in everyday … Read more

K-pop stars BTS answer top searched questions on them

BTS biggest controversies

K-pop stars BTS take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet’s most searched questions about themselves. Questions were  Who are K-pop stars BTS’s members? Members introduced themselves Who is BTS has the deepest voice?  Members started,  started trying going in a deep voice. Who joined BTS in order? Rm starting saying it’s RM is … Read more



BTS UNIVERSE Youth (Korean: 유스) is an upcoming South Korean television series based on the BTS universe, it will be a fictional story about BTS lives. It will also feature how they pursue their dreams as IDOL. It is scheduled to air in 2021. HYBE Labels(formerly BigHit Entertainment) have decided to not go ahead with … Read more

BTS feature at Tokyo Olympics Opening ceremony

BTS feature at Tokyo Olympics Opening ceremony

BTS feature among South Korea’s national icons at Tokyo Olympics Opening ceremony. Globally loved BTS, on Friday, featured among the three national icons of South Korea to represent the country at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. The other icons were 14th century built Namdaemun (South Korea’s first National Treasure) and 16th-century Korean admiral … Read more


bts kiss

First of all, before starting please take a note that this is just imaginary thought about their kissing techniques so please don’t get offended. This is like a dream of every female army to think about this once so I tried to write something about how BTS would kiss: “the kissing techniques”. So let’s start … Read more

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