BTS’ V’s Debut Solo Track “Slow Dancing” Skyrockets on U.S. Billboard Charts


In a remarkable feat, the title track “Slow Dancing” from BTS’ V’s debut solo album ‘Layover’ has rapidly ascended the U.S. Billboard Main Singles Chart, securing a coveted spot on the prestigious ‘HOT 100.’ “Slow Dancing” Makes a Splash on the ‘Hot 100’ Breaking exciting news, a recent update on Billboard’s official social media account … Read more

How to Meet BTS without Money: A Fan’s Guide

BTS at White House

As a BTS fan, it can be a dream come true to meet your favorite members in person. However, not everyone has the means to attend concerts or fan meetings, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But don’t worry, meeting BTS without money is still possible! In this guide, we’ll provide you with some … Read more

BTS and Samsung Galaxy in Times Square New York


In Times Square, New York, which is called the crossroads of the world, BTS and Samsung Electronics’ new Galaxy Z Flip 4 caught the attention of New Yorkers. Samsung Electronics screened the ‘Galaxy Z Flip 4 X BTS’ collaboration video on 15 screens at Times Square in Manhattan, New York City, for an hour from … Read more

BTS absent due to JIN enlisting in the military? Here’s what a South Korean Lawmaker has to say:

BTS Military

Whether or not Kim Seok-jin, the eldest member of BTS, enlisted in the military, was the biggest elephant in this room for the longest time. The world-famous Korean band and their company, Hybe Labels, have not dealt with an impending problem, and the fate of BTS depends on their congress. BTS ANNOUNCEMENT BTS surprised fans … Read more

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