BTS: What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas!

The first leg of BTS’ concert tour kicked off last night as the entire stadium lit up purple ahead of their Permission To Dance concert. Taking over the Strip with dance party vibes, light “bombs,” TinyTan, buckets of joyful tears, and the chaotic energy of seven souls, BTS Permission to Dance The City took over the Strip completely.

On April 8 and 9, Vegas staged a never-before-seen takeover of events leading up to the BTS ARMY’s live performances, which were incredibly beautiful with a symphony of lights, lyrical harmony, and energetic dancing.

Aside from the stellar performance, Jungkook’s grant of the ARMY’s wish was the show’s biggest highlight. The 24-year-old was requested by the Army to show off his well-toned abs with posters and banners, which he gladly did twice, not once, but twice. ARMYs were waving posters from another concert featuring Jungkook’s abs on display. We want to focus on… “, stated the caption below the picture. At the same time, others laughed and yanked him away.

The members saw Jungkook’s abs steal the show, but they were also seen enjoying themselves, with J-Hope teasing Jungkook at the beginning of the band’s “Fake Love” performance by saying, “the next song is where Jungkook’s buttons went missing,” and Jimin reaching over to JK to close his shirt’s buttons.

Speaking to the crowd, RM said, “Of course, we have a BTS concert with 50,000 ARMYs. I was 15 when I went to the States for the first time.” It was 2009 and the last stop was Las Vegas. My attention was drawn to the neon lights and the people’s faces, they looked happy. So I was like when I grow up, and if I earn some money, I’ll definitely come back and enjoy Las Vegas.”

He added, “It feels very strange since I was considering quitting music at 15 to go back to school. Never in a million years did I imagine I would return and stay with all of my lovely friends again. Thanks for making this night special by having me back in Las Vegas. And I want to tell the little RM from 15 years old, “I am sure your life and the next Las Vegas will be amazing.” He concluded by saying, “we didn’t come to Vegas for the Grammys, we came to Vegas for the ARMYs!”

Even though the flow and content were not different from previous “Permission to Dance” events, the experience remained transformative and fresh for the global audience. After 7:30 p.m., Amry bombs, or light sticks, changed color in chorus to accompany the video clips for the hits “Dynamite” and “Butter”.

BTS’ stage performances are remarkably diverse. During their Black Swan performance, the boys showed that they were able to go from hot to elegant. Despite being a tiny part of the performance, Jin’s appearance on the new stage elevated the performance.

Taekook’s slow dance move, Hobi’s dance move, and Jin Kook’s while Jungkook tying Hyung’s shoelace were among the highlight performance for the armies.

At the BTS PTD Las Vegas concert, V and Jungkook need time to fully recover after Tae’s spin at the end of the concert.

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