BTS V’s Our Beloved Summer OST Teaser Out

Everybody knows V is an amazing singer and an artist who is super good in his work and has huge support from his fans. V not only honours his fans but also his friends and so  BTS singer V has sung a song titled Christmas Tree for his friend, actor Choi Woo-Shik’s latest k-drama Our Beloved Summer. According to the source, this song is set to release on Christmas eve.

It is confirmed that BTS singer V’s new track Christmas Tree, for the K-drama Our Beloved Summer, is set to release on Christmas eve. The title and the date of release of the song got confirmed since the teaser was released on Wednesday.

The song Our Beloved Summer stars BTS singer V’s close friend, actor Choi Woo-Shik and Kim Da-mi. V is such an amazing person and has such a beautiful soul he had shared many incidents in the song from his life. The teaser features a short clip from the show’s third episode. In the video, Choi Woo-Shik was upset about something so Kim Da-mi cheers try to make Choi Woo-Shik’s mood happy by showering some cherry blossom petals. 

The teaser ended and it was a confirmation for the fans that the song will release on December 24 at 6 pm. KST (2:30 pm IST). 

The episodes of Our Beloved Summer were premiered every Monday and Tuesday, in which it is shown that there was a couple who use to be together in high school but broke up due to some reason and are gaining popularity after ten years, forcing the duo to reunite in front of the camera yet again. 

Meanwhile, V had earlier given a song to K-drama, and it isn’t the first time of has done this. Last year, the singer sang the song Sweet Night for the show Itaewon Class. The K-drama starred Park Seo-Joon, who is a very close friend of V and Choi Woo-Shik was in the lead and Kim Da-mi was his co-star. 

Coincidentally, V’s last song was in the week of Christmas and this time also his song is going to release in Christmas week. Last year, he collaborated with his friend Peakboy to release the track Snow Flower. The song was released on Christmas eve. 


When will the V’s new track Christmas Tree, for the K-drama Our Beloved Summer get released?

The song will release on December 24 at 6 pm.

For whom did  V write the song?

Choi Woo-Shik is a very close friend of V.

When was the teaser of V’s new track Christmas Tree, for the K-drama Our Beloved Summer released?

The teaser got released on Wednesday.

Whom did V collaborate with for the track Snow Flower?

V collaborated with Peakboy.

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