BTS V Sets New Record, Gained Fastest 40 Million Followers on Instagram

BTS member Kim Taehyung aka V is a most popular member of the boy band BTS and is known for his amazing dancing and singing skills. Many reports have acknowledged that BTS V sets new record of being the fastest person to gain more than 40 million followers on Instagram. It’s been 135 days since V opened his Instagram account and he made his Instagram debut with his other BTS members who are RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, and J-HOPE has now gained more than 40 million followers at this Instagram handle within a span of just 135 days. The army noticed this and has been pointing out that V is the fastest person to gain so many followers within less time.

ARMY is going crazy with the news and they are setting milestones about this and are celebrating for him. The ARMY is using a hashtag i.e ‘#THV40MILLION’, with this they are flooding the whole internet and are showering their love and support for V. The milestone has fans celebrating “Cheers to all the records this man keeps hitting! congratulations Taehyung. RECORD SETTER THV #TaehyungInstagram40M,” a fan tweeted. “People are drawn to you because of who you are. Beautiful both inside and outside! Congratulations on 40 million followers Taehyung!” another fan added.

A third fan also added that he is so proud of TAEHYUNG and that he is truly loved and appreciated and above all respected all over the world with wishes and prayers, he further added that V is a true inspiration for them all and has become a role model and the ARMY look up to him and those 40M followers that he has hit is because of his hard work and sincerity that he puts to make his fans happy.

bts v sets new record

Those 40M are proof that Your pureness in heart & Love conquered the hate! All that remains are who chose you & love,” added another fan.

Previously also V was the one who broke the record for being the fastest person to surpass the record and gained 30 million followers on Instagram. When he initially made his account on the platform, V broke another record and hence became the fastest person to touch one million followers in just 43 minutes and he was able to gain more than 10 million followers within just 4 hours on the same day.

V, whose Instagram handle goes by the username @thv, follows only his other BTS members on the platform and has now shared a total of about 46 posts on his profile account as we can see that  TaeTae is the one who is extremely active on the platform. If you follow V you can clearly notice that V often shares and deletes pictures and videos on his Instagram Stories. V also used to tease his fans by posting stories and photos when the whole group was on a break.


What is V’s Instagram username?

V’s Instagram handle goes by the username @thv.           

When did V start his Instagram account?

V made his Instagram account in December 2021.

What was the first record which V break?

V was the fastest person to break the record of gaining more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

What is the latest record broken by V?

V became the fastest person to gain more than 40 million followers hence breaking another record.

What is the name of the hashtag that the ARMY used to celebrate the moment?

ARMY used the hashtag  ‘#THV40MILLION’ to celebrate V.

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