BTS V personally addresses suing a YouTuber who has been spreading malicious rumors of multiple K-pop artists.

BTS is a South Korean boy band that has earned a lot of love and fans over the years but there are people who try to pull them down.

A YouTuber tried to spread rumours about many celebrities to which BTS V addressed by suing him for spreading ill about k-pop artists.

 A fan posted about a YouTuber who has been spreading wrong and unbearable  rumours of BTSaespaTXTNCTThe Boyz, and more on Weverse on 20 December.

Reaction to the situation:

Everybody had different reactions to the post, the post faced mixed reactions from other fans and the boys as well, however, V saw the post as well and personally responded with an intent to sue.

V Got Pissed: 

V got so pissed and unhappy with the rumours that wrote in the comments, “Oh?!! I’ll proceed with lawsuits. I could earn some snack money. Mentioning my family and friends Bye~” 

Seeing this another fan responded ensuring everyone and posted a photo saying that the ARMY is there to support them to which V replied that “I just skimmed through and all artists, not just us, do not like people like him. All fans, ARMYs, may or may not have monitored him, but I will sue on behalf of those who got hurt but didn’t have enough courage.”


1. When did the fan first post about the wrong rumours?

The fan first posted about the wrong rumours on 20 December.

2. Who did the YouTuber started posting rumours?

A fan posted about a YouTuber who has been spreading wrong and unbearable rumours of BTSaespaTXTNCTThe Boyz, and more on Weverse.

3. Which BTS member replied to the posts?

BTS V got really pissed and commented on posts and addressed by suing him.

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