BTS V EYE’S SURGERY: Plastic Surgeons adore the face of BTS V and talk about the golden ratio of Kim Taehyung

MOST HANDSOME ACTOR – (Kim Tae Hyung aka V)   

V’s eye surgery is one of the most discussed news right now. Kim Tae Hyung known as V, a member of BTS, is regarded as one of the world’s most attractive guys who had to undergo an eye surgery. He recently held the top spot on TC Candler’s list of the Independent Critics’ 100 Sexiest Faces of 2017.

The young Korean hunk, who defeated well-known Hollywood stars like Jason Mamoa, Armie Hammer, and James Reid, took the top spot on the list. So, some social media users, like Gina, were curious to find out if he had plastic surgery to improve his appearance and in the recent reports it was confirmed that V had an eye surgery.

An admirer of the Hwarang actor known only as bia shared a video on Twitter to show that he never had plastic surgery to enhance his excellent looks. Rafael, a Brazilian plastic surgeon, was shown in the little footage.The fans are very curious to know about more of V’s eye surgery.


On the 6th (local time), Starmometer, an overseas entertainment media, announced that BTS’ V was selected as ‘the world’s best face in 2020’. This voting was conducted from the 6th of last month to the 5th of June for netizens around the world through SNS such as online, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

In particular, this voting is drawing more attention because it was conducted without gender discrimination targeting netizens around the world. Following V, who ranked first, Jin, who placed second, and Jungkook, who placed third, climbed the ranks of all BTS, and boasted a ‘world-class’ appearance.


BTS men naturally have dark brown or black eyes due to their South Korean heritage. In addition to cosmetics and hair colour, K-pop stars frequently wear coloured contact lenses to further enhance their appearance. It’s no secret that this vibrant world’s striking aesthetic is frequently copied. They set trends for a reason, too!


Choi Soon-woo, director of View Plastic Surgery Clinic (plastic surgeon) said, “V’s face is close to the golden ratio, and the proper proportions of the upper, middle, and lower eyes fit well. She shows strong charisma even with clear features and eyes without double eyelids, and when viewed from the side, it is not an exaggeration to say that her high nose bridge and the line that falls from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose is like a sculpture.”

Also, he added, “Recently, there is a tendency to prefer looks with masculine charm rather than to prefer a slender handsome boy style.


On the other hand, world-class idol groups such as BTS have a large and positive influence on K-POP, and they are also called ‘K-BEAUTY due to the Korean wave abroad, and foreigners who are interested in their appearance visit Korea to resemble them. There are many people who visit and wish to have plastic surgery.

Oli London, a British man who is a real fan of BTS, visited Korea to look like BTS Jimin and received plastic surgery at View Plastic Surgery.

Director Choi Soon-woo said, “In the case of overseas patients, there is a difference in their preference for plastic surgery depending on Asians and Westerners. Asians have a high preference for facial contouring surgeries such as eye surgery, nose surgery, fat grafting, square jaw surgery, and cheekbone reduction to improve flat facial features and angular face shape. On the other hand, Westerners are very interested in rhinoplasty or surgery for body shape, which shaves off the nose or improves the shape of the nose.”


In addition to being motivated by V’s fashion sense, he has also given several things names. His most recent smokey eyed look was mesmerising. His flawless appearance and incredible proficiency with makeup would put any cosmetics enthusiast to shame.


 What colour are V’s eyes?

V has the most beautiful face and his eye colour is blue.

Who did plastic surgery in BTS?

RM is the only member in BTS who has publicly announced that he has got had plastic surgery.

How many BTS members have had more than one plastic surgery?

With the exception of RM, no BTS member has ever admitted to or undergone plastic surgery. However, RM had surgery not for aesthetic reasons but to correct a deviated septum that was affecting his breathing. Additionally, BTS’s message of loving yourself is at odds with the members’ plastic surgery.

With all the plastic surgery that BTS has undergone, how can they be marketed to young people as a positive role model?

Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin were then 15 to 16 years old, 18 to 20 respectively. Puberty, a completely natural biological process, causes the transformation that results in people looking more mature as they age.

Did BTS Kim Taehyung get nose surgery?

In reality, your nose changes throughout time, but I don’t believe he underwent any surgery. In most cases, celebrities will get injections anyhow. but appears to be largely unchanged. Another point is that contouring can significantly alter the appearance of the cosmetics they wear. In essence, it is stage makeup.

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