BTS V and Gucci: The Unconditional Love

Kim Tae-Hyung, known by his stage name V is a member of the worldwide popular South Korean boy band BTS. He is the middle kid of a family of three, with a younger brother and sister. When V was in primary school, she wanted to be a professional singer. In early middle school, with his father’s support, he began taking saxophone lessons in hopes to pursue a musical career. After a successful tryout in Daegu, V finally became a trainee with Big Hit Entertainment.

Kim Tae-Hyung enrolled at Global Cyber University in August 2020 after graduating from Korean Arts High School in 2014 with a major in Broadcasting and Entertainment.

BTS vocalist Kim Taehyung aka V is well-known for his love of Gucci. Gucci dominates his closet, from his everyday casual t-shirts to his small souvenirs, bags, and even phone cases. BTS Army has dubbed him the group’s resident ‘Gucci guy’ because of his frequent use of the Italian luxury label. V is known by a variety of nicknames, including Gucci boy and Gucci Tae! Also Read: What is Wooga Sqaud? Does BTS V form it?  

Gucci needs to offer him an endorsement as soon as possible because he wears the brand so religiously! Fans were taken aback when Tae awoke in a Gucci outfit during BTS in the Soop! V is a millionaire who does not shy away from splurging on all things, as perplexing as it may be to us plain folk.

BTS V and Gucci

Take a look at some of V’s most expensive Gucci accessories. It’s impossible to include every item because of practical constraints, but these things will give you a good indication of how much V spends on Gucci.

Apart from his love for Gucci, V also demonstrated that he is the king of being EXTRA when he wore this Gucci snake print phone cover in one of his V LIVE’s. The total cost of the case is anticipated to be roughly Rs 25,228.

His snake print leather duffel bag, which can cost up to Rs 1.7 lakh, is another item from the snake line.

V wore these really rustic Gucci queercore brogue shoes for their concept photos during the Love Yourself. These sneakers range in price from Rs 96,000 to Rs 1 lakh. Also Read: BTS Biggest Controversies Till Now

V has been spotted wearing this very suave Le March Des Merveilles watch, which costs roughly Rs 1 lakh.

V wore an emerald green wool mohair formal suit (Rs 1.03 lakh) with matching wool mohair formal pants (Rs 81.6k) and a striped washed-silk tie for their blockbuster smash Dynamite (Rs 16.3k). He’s even wearing a Rs 43k cotton shirt with washed stripes. His full ensemble is estimated to cost roughly Rs 2.4 lakh.

For BTS’ return photoshoot Map of the Soul: Persona, V wore a green and white Gucci Houndstooth tweed vest. The costly vest costs $4200 (about Rs 3.1 lakh).

BTS V wearing Gucci vest

V was spotted at MAMA wearing a pretty peppy Gucci velvet jacket with embroidery, which costs roughly Rs 4,30,360.

He wore this iconic black Gucci corduroy jacket with elaborate button embroidery, which costs $7580, to their AMA performance. It is nearly equal to Rs 5,64,850. Also Read: Who is married in the K-pop band BTS?

For one of his performances, Taehyung wore this stunning diamond flowery choker. The choker is, of course, Gucci, and it costs nearly $30,000, or Rs 21.75 lakh.


Is BTS’s Kim Tae-Hyung Gucci Official Brand Ambassador?

No, BTS’s V is not an official Guvvi Brand Ambassador. Due to his love for the brand and his lovely Gucci outfits army started calling him, “Gucci King”, “Gucci Boy”.

Who is V? Is V related to Gucci?

Kim Tae-Hyung, known by his stage name V is a member of the worldwide popular South Korean boy band BTS. He is not related to the brand Gucci.

Who is the fastest person to cross one million followers on Instagram?

BTS’s ‘V’ is the fastest person to cross one million followers on Instagram.

Who is Gucci boy in BTS?

BTS’ V is known as the Gucci Boy of BTS. The singer’s devotion to Gucci is clear in the fact that he is frequently photographed wearing a Gucci item.

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