BTS to Renew Contracts with Big Hit Music: Exciting Updates and Plans

Big Hit Music, the label that has been home to the popular South Korean boyband BTS for a long time, has announced that the group will be renewing their contracts. This is a big deal. This news comes at a time when some members are being forced by the government to join the military. Let’s find out more about this great news and what it means for BTS’s future.

Big Hit Music is still working with BTS.

Even though some of its members have to do required military service, Big Hit Music wants fans to know that BTS will stay close to the label and work on projects together starting in 2025. This was made clear in an official statement from HYBE, the company that owns Big Hit.


Contracts Signed in Order

Big Hit Music has made a plan to work with the different ways that BTS members serve in the military. The label plans to sign contracts with each member of the group one at a time. Notably, those who are currently in the military will have finished their service by 2025, when the new exclusive contract time will begin.

A Busy Break for BTS

Last summer, BTS revealed that they would be taking a break, with some members going to the military and others pursuing solo projects. Even with this break, each of the seven members continued to shine. “Layover,” V’s six-song solo record, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, just behind Olivia Rodrigo.

Each Person’s Efforts

During this time, several members of BTS went on amazing solo trips. Suga, for example, went on his first solo music tour, which helped him become more known in the music business. He went into the military like Jin and J-Hope, who both joined in December and April, respectively. Men in South Korea who are healthy and able to work must serve in the military for 18 to 21 months.

A Sign of Appreciation

Big Hit Music wanted to thank BTS and their loyal fan group, ARMY, so they gave them a big donation. The label promised to give the Korean Committee for UNICEF a big donation of 1 billion South Korean won, which is about $700,000 USD. This donation is part of the Love Myself effort, which BTS and others started in November 2017.

In conclusion, BTS’s choice to renew their contracts with Big Hit Music points to an exciting future for both the group and their loyal fans. Even though being in the military and pursuing individual goals can be hard, BTS continues to captivate the world with their music and commitment to important causes, leaving a lasting mark on the world of music.

Frequently Asked Question 

BTS is set to renew their contracts with Big Hit Music, with the exclusive contract period beginning in 2025.

Big Hit Music plans to sign sequential contracts with each BTS member, taking into account their military service status. Members currently in the military will rejoin the group when their service is complete.

During their hiatus, several BTS members embarked on solo endeavors. For example, Suga had his first solo music tour, and V released a successful solo album titled “Layover.”

The Love Myself campaign is a collaborative effort between BTS and Big Hit Music, launched in November 2017. As part of this campaign, Big Hit Music announced a generous donation of 1 billion South Korean won to the Korean Committee for UNICEF as a token of gratitude to BTS and their fanbase, ARMY.

Despite their partial hiatus, BTS members have continued to make a mark in the music industry. For instance, they have achieved individual chart success, and their dedicated fanbase remains strong, eagerly awaiting their return to group activities.




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