BTS Suga x PSY: That That, Another massive hit from PSY

Suga and PSY released a surprise collaboration called “That that”, a legend with a legend calls it!

Suga will oversee the production of PSY in That That, the title track from his upcoming full-length album PSY 9th. New video footage features the two K-pop singers talking about their friendship.

The new music video will include BTS member Suga working with Gangnam Style hitmaker Psy. This is surprising to their fans. Taking to his Instagram account, Suga revealed he will serve as producer for K-pop star Psy’s upcoming video. Before the announcement, fans of the singers were unaware of the partnership and called it a collaboration between legends.

Currently, Suge is working on the title track to Psy 9th, a full-length project scheduled for release in 2019. His poster featured a brown cowboy outfit with a cactus, and read “That That prod. Also Read: Luxury BTS House in Korea, BTS Million dollar property.

Suga of BTS.” He also shared a video teaser, which showed Psy running into the camera in a Wild West-Esque town wearing a cowboy hat, while a sentimental guitar instrumental played in the background. During the caption, Suga revealed the date for the release of the music video, which will be April 29.

The teaser has also been shared on Psy’s social media accounts, along with a video where the two enthuse about meeting each other for the first time. It started with a description reading “Best_Friends_16Years_Apart,” referencing their 16-year age difference. The Korean singer PSY says he doesn’t want to be hard to approach when he meets young artists. (Suga) is not only my junior in the business, but he is a true friend as well. Despite the age gap, it was easy to get along.” Also Read: BTS announce their comeback, the army can’t keep their calm

“At first, because he’s many years older than me, and he’s very well-known in the industry, I was quite nervous. However, it felt like working with a childhood friend, which made songwriting that much more enjoyable. We became good friends in the process” says BTS Yoongi aka Suga.

Many fans expressed excitement about the video. An adoring fan called them “Besties,” while another wrote, “Too much excitement to even explain,” while another said, “Legend with legend. OMG.” A fan said, “The charts aren’t ready for the whole album!!!”

Earlier this month, Suga and the rest of his bandmates — RM, V, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, and Jungkook — returned to Korea following a four-day concert in Las Vegas, the United States. The band will release a new album in June this year. So army’s get ready to tap feet on the track.

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