BTS Skincare Routine Revealed!

If anyone knows about skincare they must be quite familiar with the skincare routine techniques in South Korea. They have amazing technologies and products which help their people to have perfect flawless skin. Their products show glass skin-like results. Are you also searching for a BTS skincare routine?

BTS is a South Korean boy band with its members who are super handsome and cute and being the most loved and talented K pop Band has influenced their followers to such an extent and they are searching online to find all the possible details about the BTS Members and are ready to do anything for them. The BTS army is so big and curious to know about each and every detail about them that they are even searching for their skin routine to know how they all look so perfect and have amazing skin.

BTS skincare routine of all members is as follows:-


It is quite unbelievable to know that when it comes to skincare routine Jimin keeps it very simple. He said that the secret to his glass-like skin is that he drinks a lot of water. He further shared tips as to how to get amazing skin like him was to always wash your face before going out and always clean your makeup before sleep. He was also advised to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water to get glowing skin. Also Read: Twice’s Jeongyeon vs BTS’s Jimin Rivalry


V is one of the members of the BTS. He is known as the cutest and the most handsome member of the group. He is known for his cute face and his amazing personality. His skincare routine is also quite simple. V shared that he uses a cotton pad for his face, firstly he damps the pads with water and after that, he uses a toner. V further exclaims that he has really dry skin so he prefers to use a lotion every time he travels. Despite all this he said that his skin is unpredictable it gets dry and sometimes it gets really oily which he asked his fans to recommend him with a suitable product that can help his skin to calm down.


Jungkook faces a lot of problems with his skin he said that he has very sensitive skin and he often gets pimples with is very sad for him. He told that for his skincare he just uses a toner to calm his skin otherwise his skin gets red and rashes come on his face. He repeats the same routine in the morning also. Also Read: Are Jungkook and Iu in a Relationship?


J-Hope has a similar routine to V. He too uses a toner for his face. He uses a variety of products to maintain his smooth glass-like skin, he uses toner, face cream, eye cream, lotion, acne cream in order to prevent acne to come onto his face.


Suga is one of the members of the boy band BTS. Among these seven members, Suga is the laziest and does not pay much attention to his skincare. He just uses a skincare mask to calm his skin if irritated. He does not have a proper skincare routine.


Unlike Jungkook, RM’s main concern for his skin is that it gets dry really fast and is prone to acne and rashes. He believes that one should drink a lot of water and stay hydrated and should follow a routine that may suit them.


Jin is the only member of the BTS who loves pampering and looking after his skin. He told that he loves Sheet masks and it helps to calm his skin. After doing heavy makeup he recommends using moisturizer on the face and following a routine to prevent acne and unwanted things to pop on the face. Also Read: Jin’s “Yours” from Jirisan creates records, the army goes Wild!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the secret of the glowing skin of the member of the BTS?

The secret of their glowing skin is to follow a proper skin routine that suits them.

What does Jimin advise his fans to follow regarding the skin regime?

Jimin believes in one simple thing to do is to stay hydrated and moisturize and take care of the skin daily.

How can I get my skin like BTS?

BTS skincare routine makes their skin glow. By following a skin routine that suits your skin texture and not skipping a day without following it you can also get your glow.

What kind of toner does BTS use?

BTS uses Zeroid Pimprove Toner.

Do BTS follow their skin routine at night also?

Yes, they do the exact same routine at night time also.

Who has the fairest skin in BTS?

Suga has the fairest skin in the group.

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