BTS Recreating Some Old Memories at the Vegas Concert

BTS has successfully wrapped up the first 2 days of their Permission to Dance on Stage concert in Las Vegas. BTS is known for its singing and many other talents, its extremely good looks, and its humble attitude. But ARMYs know and love BTS not only for this but their chaotic behavior and funny things that they do. And in the recent concert, not only BTS but ARMYs also proved how chaotic and funny they can be.

All the members gave a memorable performance and such amazing memories. From their outfits to their speeches and all in between was all immeasurably awesome. This concert recreated many old memories and created some new ones. Starting with Jimin’s new haircut that just brought back the memories of 5th Muster, or that of Jin not being able to tie his shoelaces because of his finger injury and asking Jungkook to tie them for him, and Jungkook without any hesitation doing that for his Jin Hyung just like he did back in 2015. Also, Jungkook carrying Jimin in his arms proved to the ARMYs that he will never leave Jimin and keep on holding on to him just as he had replied to one of the ARMYs in the AMA session on his Instagram handle.

ARMYs being the funniest and most creative fandom showed the same by making and bringing funny but very creative banners, which did not go unnoticed by the BTS members either. There were many banners saying “Yoongi marry me” which is like a must as whenever any member goes live, there is always at least 1 ARMY saying so. Also, BTS’s Suga AKA Min Yoongi being compared to a cat, there was a banner with an edited photo of him as a cat and the banner said “The only cat we want to see” and then the photo representing Yoongi was displayed. There were many such banners of edited photos of the members that already flow on the internet, and one such meme banner that caught and surprised Hobi AKA Jung Hoseok was his photo in which we are saying wow, in which the letter ‘o’ is replaced with his photo having his mouth made in the same shape which was his reaction in one of the BTS Run episodes. Seeing this banner the idol first got surprised and shocked and gave an expression that for sure ARMYs will use for their next edit.

Just before the concert’s second day, Kim Taehyung AKA V had mentioned that he wants to be a dad, and child zoned ARMYs and the ARMYs did not leave a chance to make and bring a banner saying “Daddy Tae” with one of his funny photos. Well, in the PTD concert in Seoul Jungkook’s buttons did come loose while performing, and the ARMYs being creative as usual also used his photo of that incident for the banner saying “We want to focus on” and then showing Jungkook’s photo showing his abs. The banner had used the same words that Jungkook has said in his speech at American Music Awards 2022, where he couldn’t complete his sentence after ‘focus on’, and ARMYs being creative as always used the same.

bts recreating some old memories

ARMYs being as creative as they can be also made a banner saying “RAPMON” as in rhyming to ‘POKEMON’ and there were edited photos of all the members as ‘Pokémon’. There was also a banner praising RM’s (Rap Monster) AKA Namjoon’s thighs. ‘Jungkook let’s have a boxing match’, reading this banner Hobi and Jimin couldn’t stop themselves from laughing. After reading one of the banners about himself Jimin pointed and giggled, the banner was is in the Korean language, which said ‘Jimin do you want to eat Ramen?’ there were many other such banners and these banners proved that the ARMYs and BTS are very close by heart and that if BTS is‘ 7 normal boys form Korea’ then the ARMYs are the most ‘innocent fandom’.

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