It is very heartbreaking for any army to even imagine their k-pop bias to take a long leave and go. But unfortunately, due to the rules of the Country one day they have to go and serve their nation and do their best performance as usual as we see them on stage shows. BTS MILITARY service is on the edge!!


In South Korea, there is a rule which is to be followed by every citizen of it even the famous idols are no different. Between the age of 18-28 years, the man has to serve in the country’s military for about 20 months almost 2years as a part of a responsible citizen.  But there is also good news for the fans that the Korean government has passed an amendment in which it stated that “a pop culture artist who was recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to have greatly enhanced the image of Korea both within the nation and throughout the world” is allowed to postpone the military service until the age of 30. Well, I think this was the most satisfying news army has ever heard for their bias. But every story always has a single twist and turn in it, what was that? Since BTS member Jin (Kim-Seok-jin) was turning 30 next year, reportedly he has to join the country’s military service soon.

This amazing personality and a songwriter have given us three solo tracks with BTS – “Awake, Epiphany, and Moon” all of which were on South Korea’s Goan Digital Chart.

Apart from jin other members of BTS are also turning 30 soon, like currently, Suga (Min yon-gi  ) is 28 years old. He was a rapper, songwriter, and record producer. While J-hope ( Jung Ho-Seok) is 27 years old. He was a songwriter, record producer, and dancer in the group. He released his first solo mixtape, hope world, worldwide in march 1,2018. He received an award for “ Hwagan order culture of merit “ in 2018. After J-hope the Leader of the boy band RM (rap monster) was turning 26 years old and expected to join military service before turning 30. His real name was Kim Nam-Joon. In 2015 he released his first solo mixtape, RM, but in 2018 his second mixtape MONO was the highest-charting by a Korean soloist on the Billboard 200 chart, peaked at 26. Park Ji-min, also known by his stage name Jimin was 25 years old. Jimin’s vocal was described as the most elegant and sweet. NOELLE DEVOE of elite daily wrote for jimin that “ he was often praised for his smooth and elegant moves and vocals that he gives on the stage which mesmerize not even army but non-army as well.  Now talking about the coiner of the phrase “ I PURPLE YOU” Kim Tae-Hyung known by his stage name V has turned 25 years old. He was a singer, songwriter, and actor in the Korean film industry. In 2018, Eugene Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. Conducted analytical research on Google search trends relating to the K-pop industry. “V” ranked first on the chart, meaning it was the number one most searched keyword for the past five years in South Korea. Now comes the last and the youngest member of the group kookie -aka- jungkook. Jungkook is 23 years old and he still has many years to serve in the military. He was the main.

vocalist of the band and released his three solo songs under BTS, begin from the album wings Europia and my time.


As all the 7member of BTS are soon going to be eligible for serving in the military. Still, there is no clear announcement from the big hit entertainment about the same. But surely if one day BTS decides to leave music and join military service there will be a huge bitterness for the Army all over the world. Because in recent years BTS had already swept the globe with its music, dance, fashion, and personality. So, all the Army “fighting” and let’s hope for the best!!!

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