BTS: Jungkook Proves He’s International Playboy as he was seen flirting with a fan who asked him out.


Jeon- Jungkook known as Jungkook is a part of the most famous boy band group which is ‘BTS’. Jungkook is the youngest and most charming boy in the group and is famous for his looks and confidence. BTS fans which are addressed as the ‘ARMY’ have been engrossed in every member and they notice each and every activity of the members.


Jungkook is also given a tag by the people which is that he is an international playboy. There was an era when Jungkook was caught flirting with his fans and yet again he has been seen flirting with some fans on his Instagram handle. According to the fans, Jungkook is taking the crown of being the flirting king rather seriously these days. The fans have been dropping pick-up lines on the Stay Alive singer’s Instagram handle and are getting responded with a flirty reply during his AMA sessions which made the ARMY stunned and very happy. He was seen doing this again during at it again during There was a V Live that was hosted on Tuesday and he was seen doing this again which was just a day after Grammys 2022.


There was a post that was posted by Jungkook to which a female fan commented “Oppa, can I be your girlfriend,” the girl asked, mentioning a request that even if it could be for just five seconds to which Jungkook teasingly replied, “You want me? try and take me,” which was then followed by laughter. A fan also tweeted that the reply had made the fans fall on their knees and asking that why has Jungkook started giving flirty responses again and which is making them so excited and overjoyed that they’re having a heart attack. A fan also tweeted that  “Jungkook mark your words I’m on my way !!!!!! To Las Vegas let’s get married before dating and all!!!”. “Screaming crying and throwing up look at him smirking about it!!!!” a third fan tweeted.


What is Jungkook’s Instagram handle username?

Jungkook’s Instagram handle username is jungkook.97.

Is Jungkook active on his Instagram page?

Yes, Jungkook actively uses his Instagram account.

When was Jungkook spotted replying flirtatiously to his fans?

Jungkook was spotted flirting with his fans in his AMA sessions.

To how many fans did Jungkook reply recently?

Jungkook has recently replied flirty response to the fans which made them stunned and go on their knees. 

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